239 more days to go!

Week 2

Supposedly, I’m still pregnant. I don’t feel any different. Morning sickness hasn’t started, and I don’t think it will because it doesn’t run in my family. This also doesn’t help me decide if it’s a boy or a girl, based on the old wives tales that girls make you more sick. My hair is not luxurious. It’s actually dry (which apparently could mean boy?).

My friends, BB. Maybe we have a future Blue Devil on our hands too?

Since my Dad was in town last Thursday, Phil and I told him and and stepmother. He was a surprised in the sweetest of ways.  I finally was able to garner some excitement for myself when I told my Stepmom. She shrieked and yelled and was much more excited than I think Phil, my dad, and I put together. My sister, was in much more “huh, what, I mean what?”

The second week of knowing  I am pregnant has less anticipation and more…oh no’s! We have seven out-of-town events over the next year. SEVEN. And these are events that cannot be missed. I am also having panic attacks because we have the oldest of homes and our closet/storage space is non-existent. I think we are going to have to do some rearranging.

This is the most boring post because I have switched all my, this could be fun into “How are we going to survive?!”

Baby is the size of a sesame seed. And according to images, looks like a dinosaur. I keep thinking of a dinosaur name to name my petit bebe, but t-rex really doesn’t fit.image (13)

Biggest concerns: Money, Space, Dogs, Vacation, will I be a good mother, how big will I get, why can’t I sleep when I’m tired, how much longer do I have to hide not drinking?

Things I’m still sad about: Beer, Cocktails, Sushi, and Uptown Deli sandwiches

Excited about: Telling my parents this weekend?

Smells I’m sensitive to: Nothing. I think I was a hypochondriac last week.

Things that are happening that no one told me about: Still tired (and I fear that’s what will give me away).

My goal for this week: Still coming up with a name. Oh, and organizing our lives. I’m getting closer!


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