Family knows!

This past Saturday we told our other set of parents. It was very hard to keep the secret because my parents arrived on Friday night and we had to wait until Saturday night to tell them. I kept avoiding all things relaxing (which apparently is what you’re supposed to do during the first trimester!) just so I wouldn’t tell them.

image (15)
Being Touristy in Richmond!

Once we arrived at the restaurant, I ran in first to say I’ll be ordering a vodka/tonic with two limes, but I just want a tonic and two limes–because  if I just ordered a water, my MIL would know immediately! So the waiter, who was in on the secret, asks for our drink orders and I proudly order my alcoholic drink–only for him to start ad-libing and asking me what type of vodka would I like, and they don’t have that brand what about this brand! The nerve! I’m pregnant, I don’t have time to think quick on my feet!

We gave our dad’s father’s day cards that said “One of us thinks you’re a great Father. One of us thinks you’re a great father in law….and one of us thinks you’re a great Grandfather! (Suprise!)”

I think it took everyone at least three minutes to understand what happened. Now that they did, the moms cried, the dad’s shook hands, and I just sat there. Because I still don’t feel pregnant.

I’ll tell you what I do know. Everyone and Everything pisses me off. I flipped out on my family at this dinner because they kept interrupting me and tried to make jokes about how I can’t keep a secret, how I can’t compromise, how I can’t x, y, or z. Which was just enough for me to freak out and yell at everyone..which then circled back around to how it’s not all about me anymore. Which, I guess it’s not. But I still have 7 more months to feel like it is.

image (17)
The restaurant was nice and did this to my dessert.

Oy vey.

It’s getting a lot harder to hide drinks from the girls. Sunday it was because the wine was too sweet. Then at dinner, I think I did a good job? Not sure. Then in celebration of DOMA being defeated it was i’m on an antibiotic and a fake vodka tonic. I have two more weeks. TWO MORE WEEKS. And then the gals can know. I haven’t decided on everyone else.

It’s just hard. No one said pregnancy was easy.

Baby looks like a grain of rice. Which is real boring. I think I need to find some other images..or maybe this baby needs to grow.

image (16)image (14)

Biggest concerns: I’m in a wedding 10 weeks after the baby. Hopefully I can lose the weight. Also the job is a big concern.
Things I’m still sad about: I’m really sad that my mom is moving to Japan and can’t be here for this experience.
Excited about: Finally telling people soon.
Smells I’m sensitive to: Toothpaste?
Things that are happening that no one told me about: Peeing during the first trimester. SO MANY bathroom breaks.
My goal for this week: That nickname thing ain’t happening.


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