We’re not not trying to have a baby

In case you haven’t guessed it, there’s a baby on the way. I thought this process would take forever.Nope. First try. Oops.

Our planning went like this:
“There’s never gonna be a good time”
“I know”
“so…we’re trying?”
“I guess we’re not not trying?”

Then one night I was bored and started reading pregnancy blogs, and one said smells were intensified. The next day I started smelling things. Only because I read something that told me if I was pregnant I could smell things (via I’m a hypochondriac). Last Thursday, my boobs HURT. Typical PMS signs.  I even texted my girlfriends to see if it was okay to be sad if I didn’t get pregnant on my first try, because I clearly wasn’t pregnant.  The weekend happened, and my boobs still hurt. And then Monday, June 10, 2013 happened. The day my was period due. Guess what never showed up?

So it is 10:30 PM. I am brushing my teeth when I remember an extra pregnancy test from the wedding in the cabinet.

“What the hell?”-I say to myself, while in my head thinking, “it’s going to say not pregnant, and then you are going to be SO mad at yourself in a month when you need to go out and spend $19.99 on ANOTHER pregnancy test, when you had this one in the cabinet that you didn’t have to take because YOU’RE. NOT. PREGNANT.

So there I am brushing my teeth, watching the clock tick, one minute later looking at a digital sign that says “pregnant”.

A positive Test
A positive Test

I walked into the next room, tooth brush in mouth, toothpaste all over my face,

“Are you asleep?”
“I know I’m not good with timing but…”
“What is it?” –annoyedly
“Well, um….soo…it’s not going to be just us anymore?”-picture my voice rising, shoulder shrugging, eyebrows arching….

Which was then followed by profusely sweating and I guess that whole not not trying thing really worked out. (and hugs, and smiles, and tears, and ohmygods, of course).

So now, I’m 4 weeks pregnant. The baby is the size of a poppy seed.

image (5)

I find myself still not sure what’s going on. I’m definitely marathon tired after work. My main concern, sadly, is how I’m going to hide my non-drinking for the next 8 weeks. Currently I have a wine festival on Saturday, a BBQ on Sunday, friends dinner party on Weds and a weekly wine night! Those gals are going to know!

Four Weeks, Two Days Pregnant:

image (2)

I’m sad to give up:
Buddy Bombs, Red Wine, Champagne, summer cocktails
I’m excited to:
Have a reason to train the dogs, tell my family in two weeks
I’m nervous:
About our credit card debt, and how to save for baby. I’m also nervous about keeping this a secret.
Smells I’m sensitive to:
Urine (GROSS), chemicals in my hair (even worse), coffee (yuck)
Things that are happening that no one told me about:
Uncomfortable cramping (I guess this is where baby is “implanting”), it feels like very mild period cramps, it is just really uncomfortable and although everything tells me it’s TOTALLY NORMAL, it does not keep my mind from going to “oh shit”, every five minutes.
My goal for this week:
Find a name to call the baby (nugget, bean, tadpole, boo, etc.)


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