9 weeks along, and 3 posts behind.

It’s been exactly three weeks since I wrote! I’m awful. Or maybe I got really lazy. Well to catch everyone up on what I have been doing since then here’s a quick recap:

Just to prepare me for the surprise of motherhood, D got a huge gash in her leg. So I spent the week of 4th of July on a mini-vacation/work from home with her. Here are some pictures of the torture we put her through.

image_2 image_1

It has also rained nonstop in Richmond. As of the beginning of July, Richmond has received 26 inches year to date. Seattle only 16! Here is a picture of Hatteras being scared.

He does not like Thunder.

On 4th of July we went to ANOTHER party with our friends, where I was sneaking cream soda into my drinks as a fancy craft beer. Phil and I went to look at fireworks. Here is Baby T on Fourth of July.


Week 7 the baby was the size of a blueberry. Week 8 the baby was the size of a raspberry. I think I’m getting to the end of my time as comparing the size to my diamond. Maybe Hatteras will be next?


Here are some more pictures of my silly dogs who make me laugh:


What else did I do? I did some organizing; I packed up about 4 boxes of books and moved one bookshelf downstairs. Slowly nesting. I decided I would paint the upstairs in October. That way it won’t be so hot, but I will still be a functioning human.

Well, let this blog serve as a lesson not to wait so long to write.

On July 10th, we went to see the Dr. They took ten vials of blood! TEN! It still hasn’t been confirmed. They tried to hear a heartbeat but it was really early so they weren’t surprised they couldn’t hear anything, and told me not to worry.

Getting used to waiting around!

The best part? I finally told my best girlfriends. I couldn’t handle it anymore, having to hide drinking from them for so long has been awful—and also dumb, because I apparently I did a terrible job.

We have a joke that we have to do everything together always the same, so I pulled out straws for our frozen cocktails, except one was a different color than the others. My one friend noticed right away and said “You know we have to do everything the same, why is your straw orange and not blue??” and I said “Well, I have to be able to tell the difference in straws because, I’m pregnant!” One dropped jaw, a clap of hands, and one “I knew it” later and we were all laughing at how terrible I was at keeping it a secret.

Which, oh well, I guess I’m not good at keeping secrets. It’s such a relief to hang out with them now, not have to worry about why I’m not drinking and still have just as much fun. I am also happy that they know now because in case anything was to go wrong, they will be very supportive.

Phil told his friends, but I’m sure it went more like “yeah, so, we’re joining the club?” And then he probably shotgunned a beer or something totally awesome.

I will have more exciting news tomorrow, once I receive the ultrasound.


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