There’s officially a BB in there.

It’s official. There is a baby in my belly! Honestly, up until the minute before the gel was on my belly I was reassuring myself that even if something went wrong, we could try again. Or no big deal, at least we are sort of prepared for next time (please no comments from the peanut gallery, I get through life with morbid thoughts, it helps me cope).


So gel on the belly, weird plastic thing moving around and boom HEEELLLLLLOOOO baby. The mini, tiny, little arms were moving and legs were kicking or whatever it is they do at 9.5 weeks. And the technician zoomed in really close and there was the flutter of a heart beat. And that’s when I got excited.

Munchkin Face

Because it was real, and it wasn’t just a fluke my body thinks I’m pregnant but I’m not, and it was really happening. I didn’t cry, like boo hoo, but I did have tears and a big smile on my face. Phil didn’t come, so I am excited when I can watch his reaction. It might seem selfish, but, I’m glad I had that private moment. I didn’t have to feel like I had to act a certain way, I could just enjoy it for myself.

Additionally, I’ve had a HUGE breakthrough. I actually found nicknames that I like. The first one I came up with was porkchop. To fully appreciate porkchop, you have to say it out loud, like you are talking to a dog or a baby. Go on. Say “Hi little porkchop.” It’s perfect right?

Then later the baby was dubbed Baby Spice from the #spicegalz. Then later, the baby was dubbed BBWZL. (Baby Weasel)–because my nick name is WZL. And BBWZL. Get it? I know the last two resonate with no one but me, but Baby Spice has been sticking more than the others. (sorry Phil).

And finally. We haven’t broken the news on the internet and I’m not sure this counts as the internet with all 5 of you reading it, but as far as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I had been struggling with finding ideas on how to announce it. I liked this, and this one. But didn’t want to spend the I settled on this:

How long did you wait to tell people? Did you wait the whole first trimester? Were you nervous?


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