To find out the gender or not?

My whole life, well as long I have known that I had the potential to make a baby, I’ve known that I never wanted to find out the sex. My mom and dad didn’t find out with me, and when my sister and brother came along, they were also unknown. To me, there has always been something special about not finding out what you are having. Sure,  it makes it easier with the clothes and the decorating. It’s just, I can’t even articulate it, to me,  it’s the only time you can be 100% surprised.

Then about three months ago a friend of mine who is having a baby, responded to someone’s Facebook post regarding why don’t people wait anymore to find out the sex? And my friend had a very valid point. She said, “There are so many surprises on the day of the birth, what is the difference in finding out three months prior?”  It was the most profound statement I’ve ever heard. It made SO MUCH SENSE TO ME.

And then I got pregnant. And I then I couldn’t judge from an outsiders view anymore (which I am so good at doing). So the first few weeks, I wanted to know. Like Meredith said, what’s 3 months? And then everyone’s unsolicited advice came in. Like my whole family immediately saying “Boy!” “It’s a Boy!” “I hope it’s a Boy!” or people saying “You are such a planner Melissa, you would HAVE to find out, I bet you couldn’t.”

So stubborn me is now back to not finding out. Phil will find out, because he HAS to. But I think I can wait it out. I mean what’s  another 7 more months? I did some research to see what other people thought:

  • I like this girls reason of it drives people crazy.
  • The FIRST reason in this blog, is the exact reason I don’t want to find out. I’ll write another post on that later.
  • I also like this idea for the hospital room.

What about you? Did you wait? Did you find out? What are your reactions to finding out?


One thought on “To find out the gender or not?

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