Nursery Ideas

The nursery has been a struggle  for me. In our 3 bedroom home, we have a mini-room upstairs that would be perfect for a nursery. It’s tiny! Enough space for a crib, dresser, rocker, and baby stuff. The downside is it’s the dogs room. If you know my dogs, you would understand why this is enough to start a zombie like fear in my heart.

The first three weeks of pregnancy caused me a lot of anxiety about dogs, space and furniture. I took the advice everyone told me pre-marriage: communication. I talked to Phil and told him my fears and then he reminded me why he is a genius. He said, “Why don’t we just have a guest room/nursery? We never have guests, and we are only going to be here for another year. This way we don’t have to disturb the dogs, or freak out about space.” THAT thought, never ONCE crossed my mind.

Here are some ideas I’ve pinned on Pinterest. Of course right now I’m looking at a gender neutral nursery. I think it will be cheaper, plus easier to sell the house when it comes time.

First up, because of the set up of the room, I’ve decided to set up the bed in front of the window to maximize space. Like this:

Bed Window
I can’t wait to start searching thrift stores/yard sales to find a bed frame.

I am pretty set on a white and gray nursery. I like this one because the crib and dresser won’t be the focal point of the room. I’m pretty sure that’s my biggest issue, I don’t want the room to look too nursery like. I am definitely doing the  stripes on the wall like this:

Here are some other ones that I found:

Gray and White
Pop of Color –I really like this one, would have to find a color that could be gender neutral.

All in all, I know I want white furniture. Does that make me the most uncreative person on the planet?


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