First Trimester Suprises

Here’s the thing. Your friends won’t tell you about first trimester symptoms, because this is the time the pregnancy is a secret. Sure once you read the baby books you learn about cramping, frequent urination, and morning sickness, etc. But you don’t really know what that means because no one has explained it to you! Only afterwards do you hear, “Oh yeah, that happened to me!” “Nope sure don’t miss that!” “It only gets worse!” (gee, thanks guys).

So here are some “Who Knew” symptom’s that I never knew about:

1) Burping: I feel like my Babcia.  I’m either always burping or needing to drink a coke to make myself burp. Apparently there is this lovely hormone called progesterone that makes you bloat, get gassy, and other enjoyable things during pregnancy.
2) Heartburn/Acid Reflux: Having never been privy to this feeling before I didn’t quite know how to explain this to Phil. From here to here I feel full (throat to stomach), but here I’m starving (stomach). Like the good husband he is, he ran to the store to buy me some Tums (one of the 4 medicines I can actually take) and it went away. I was recently made aware of an old wives tale that states if you have heartburn the baby will be born with hair. So naturally I assume the baby will look like this guy:

3. Feeling Full: I thought pregnancy was the time to enjoy all food related wonderful things. Nope. Not for me. I eat one thing and within 3 minutes I’m full. And then 2 hours later starving, but nothing seems appetizing. In fact, at a really fancy dinner on Saturday night, I ordered a kids order of Mac and Cheese because it’s the only thing that sounded filling, but not wasteful.
4. Exhaustion (we’ve talked about this): I feel like I’ve climbed Mt. Everest. But I can’t nap because my brain NEVER SHUTS OFF.

4) Frequent Urination due to a shifting bladder: Seriously, 3 times in the middle of the night, completely full bladders. I find this completely unnecessary, and also, no guy believes you. Because why would they? All they know is the same thing I knew before pregnancy which was women pee because a baby is on their bladder, and right now the baby is the size of a chickpea/lime/plum whatever, the point is it’s tiny and it’s not pushing on my bladder. Supposedly, it goes away second trimester, but third semester it comes back 10x worse. Like some dumb witches curse.
5) Headaches: Where did these come from? And why can I only take Tylenol?! Let me live!!
6) Dizzy Spells: Every time I get up from the couch/desk/bed to do anything, I have to grab on to the wall for dear life before I topple over. This too is related to progesterone. Really can’t wait for that hormone to leave my body.

7) Break outs. My face looks like a 16 year old boy. And I can’t stop picking at it. What happened to my beautiful, unharmed skin?

From what I’ve learned, the only cure for any of this is to take it slow, take your vitamins, drink water, eat small meals, wear lose fitting clothes, drink ginger ale, and pretty much act like you are on disability for 12 weeks!

That’s all that I can think of now. It hasn’t been a terrible first trimester for me because I haven’t had any morning sickness (Thank god!). Mostly I’m just tired, and little things pop up that make me go UGGGGGGHHHH.

Did you have any first trimester issues that were unexpected?



3 thoughts on “First Trimester Suprises

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