Baby Time

So many things happened this week! Phil and I got productive and he built us a Master bedroom headboard (I’ll create a post and document that whole thing, once the headboard is officially finished and in place).

photo 1

Last Weds, I drove all the way to Northern Virginia to purchase my guest bedroom metal frame. We are really “coming together”.

photo 2

And clearly we are focused on the most important furniture to buy when expecting a baby! We had dinner with our friends last Monday who have a new born and they actually encouraged us to buy our furniture now, because once BBWZL comes, we won’t be so apt to “decorate”.

We did receive some scary news this week. I took the dogs to the vet yesterday because they needed to get some vaccines and shots. Well, it turns out Hatteras has a Stage 3 heart murmur. We might have caught it in time, but we need to have a ECG and an Xray done to make sure. They are going to look to see if his heart his abnormal and if he has Stage 1 heart failure. So needless to say, I spent Thursday sobbing my eye balls out. I mean, seriously, Todd and Copper crying my eyes out. And hugging him and loving him. But, in the spirit of pregnancy, I’m trying NOT to be negative. So, I figure he will have the tests done next week, and there is no point in worrying now about something I won’t know until Weds. It does make me really scared because he’s my first baby and he’s been with me from Little Rock, to Norfolk, to DC, to Richmond (5 different houses!). I get so many compliments on him on how great a dog he is and I am really excited for him to meet Baby Spice. So–back to not being negative thoughts mcgee.

In other baby news, I can feel the baby moving! It does not feel like butterflies. To me it feels more like, when you’re on a roller coaster and there is a big drop and your stomach kind of drops. It feels like that, throughout the day, with similar feelings to gas pains too? Maybe I’ll feel more in the next few weeks.

And Saturday, I officially Popped. It’s not a belly, it’s more bloated. But it’s there.

photo 3

How Far Along: 15 weeks.
Size of Baby: An Avocado
Total Weight Gain: 1.5 pounds
Symptoms: Now, I have so much energy! I’m making use of it though and getting all my nesting done now!
Eats: Nothing interesting, but I’m starting to keep track of what I’m eating because I don’t want to not eat enough, which I fear might be happening as I am a grazer more than a sit down mealer.
Best moment of the week: Understanding that what I am feeling is the baby moving. It’s a bit uncomfortable, but glad to know what it is.
What I’m looking forward to: Okay, this sounds lame, but we still haven’t finished our wedding thank you cards! That is on the agenda for this week. AND painting the trim in the babies room.
Milestones: Baby can make a fist (which clearly terrifies me because I think he’s going to yank on the umbilical cord. All of the joints are moving, and BBWZL can sense light. So if I shine a flashlight on my belly, it would move.


Gender Drama

I have been feeling, of late, that there is this unknown mommy war between those who wish to find out vs those who don’t. Everyone I’ve spoken with regarding finding out the gender, when it’s different from my opinion is very defensive (I could be totally wrong, It’s not like me misinterpreting something is uncommon). The comments I hear from my friends range anywhere from, “I want to identify with who is in side of me”, to, “the baby was coming and I wanted to spend as much time with him and not shop”,  to, “I have to decorate the nursery, plan for this, do x”..and I feel like my only response when people ask me why I choose to wait is “Because I want to.”

I don’t have any good reason. Sure, it will be easier on everyone else in the gift giving stage if they know it’s a little J (boy) or a little A (girl), but I mean, I really am perfectly content being patient and waiting. One of the thoughts that I have come to understand with Phil, is that he REALLY wants a boy. Like REALLY wants a boy. So to him finding out early will better prepare him for the “disappointment” if it’s not a girl. At first, I totally agreed. Yes, you need time to process. But then, as time has gone on, and it’s really starting to sink in, I don’t want disappointment associated with this at all! When that baby comes out and “It’s A XX/XY” is shouted, I want it to be the happiest moment. Not “I need three months to process that it’s a girl.” It really does not matter to me. I have fears of boys, what with peeing and being boys and teenagers, and weird. I have fears of girls, mostly that as a teenagers I am guaranteed to hate her. (It’s fine, It is what it is, it’s like a right of passage or something, pay back, who knows, but it’s a thing, and I’m okay with it).

So, here I am 100% happy that I am not finding out. Trying to see how I can convince Phil that he can wait until February as well. I highly doubt there are people out there who REGRETTED finding out. Right?

Anyway. So because I’m not finding out I wanted to see if I matched with any old wives tales. Here are my results:


1. Carrying High/Carrying Low: High means girl, low means boy. Well, considering I’m 14.5 weeks, and I’ve only gained a pound, this one doesn’t count for us. Plus I don’t think it counts anyway because my mom carried me low and I turned out to be a beautiful girl.
2. High Heartbeat/Low Heartbeat:High means girl, low means boy. Well the heartbeat was 160 last week, and they say anything over 140 is girl. But this tale was debunked decades ago. So this doesn’t count.
3.  Craving Sweet/Craving Sour: Sweet means girl, sour means boy. Well, I just crave food. And honestly it’s 50/50 all the way around! Am I even really pregnant? This doesn’t count.
4. Chinese Birth Chart: This has to do with the mothers age, and the month of conception. If both numbers are odd it’s a girl, if both numbers are even it’s a boy. Result: Girl!
5. Acne: If you’re breaking out like crazy, girl. If you’re not, Boy. Result: Girl!
6. Morning Sickness: If you have it, girl. If not, boy. Result: Boy!

And some from Belly, Belly.

1. Dry or Soft Skin. Dry means boy, soft means girl. Result: Boy!
2.  Beautiful or Dry Hair. Dull means girl, beautiful means boy. Result: unknown. Some days my hair looks REALLY good. And other days it looks gross. So. I can’t really guess on this.
3.  Overall Glow: Glow means boy, dull means girl. Result: Boy! (But I think it’s because I have a nice summer tan!)
4. Is one breast bigger than the other? Larger right breast means boy, larger left breast means girl. Result: Girl!
5. Sleeping on the right or left side: left means boy, right means girl. Result: Unknown. I prefer both sides. I fall asleep on the right, but sleep better on the left?
6. Color of Pee: Bright yellow means boy, dull/clear girl. Results: Boy! (also, aren’t you glad you know the color of my pee!)

So by this points are sort of pointing to boy? But I kind of don’t believe it. I’d say the same thing if things were pointing to a girl.

Did you have any old wives tales that were spot on?



Okay, NOW it’s a real BB.

I’ve figured it all out. So my turn day is Saturday (that means the day I switch to a new week. I conveniently turn the same day as an actual week. Thanks for making it easy BB). So on Saturday, I turned 13 weeks. and today I’m 13 weeks and 5 days. So all the apps say that I’m 14 weeks because I’ve started the countdown of week 14. Like when it’s your birthday and you’re 22, but by 8 months you start saying you’re 23 because you’re about to be 23? So I’m 14 weeks. And it’s been a good week!

As far as pregnancy symptoms:
Extreme breathlessness: Just getting out of the car is like I ran a 10k (speaking of which, I hope it goes away because I’m running an 8k in November!). Getting into the office at work is a workout. This morning I walked from my desk, to my bosses can’t be more than twenty feet and by the time I got there I had to grab onto the door to catch my breath! My three lb work bag, has become basically impossible to carry.

I have acne like a 16 year old and really dry hair. I honestly, didn’t wash my hair three days this week in a row and you couldn’t tell. I use dry shampoo on those days, but seriously zero oil buildup. I hope that lasts past pregnancy. Side note–if you aren’t on the dry shampoo band wagon, get with the program. This is my favorite!

We’ve been pretty busy around here keeping up with friends. I keep saying this baby has to adapt to our life, we aren’t adapting to it–because I’m naive and even though 8,000 moms have said that before me, it’s going to be different (please sense the sarcasm). So far this baby has gone dancing and running with me (two miles this morning!). I’m thinking it’s going to get used to rocking, swaying and I’m going to have a lot to do when it’s born to keep it in motion. Do you think ADD is genetic (I mean, duh, but like am I causing this baby to have ADD and be active because I’m so active?)?

We had our doctor’s appointment this week, which included a sonogram and a heartbeat listen! This was the first time Phil got to see BB Spice live and in action. As you can see, so far that’s a good looking baby! It’s measuring about 3 inches, and I think it’s pretty much the cutest three inches I’ve ever seen.

photo 1
No that is not an organ in the upper right hand side. It’s a foot.

I heard that sometimes during the N/T scan you can sometimes find out the sex, so I asked them to make sure they didn’t show us. The following conversation was priceless:

“We don’t want to find out”-Me
“Well, she doesn’t want to find out, but I do”-Phil
“Well, you’re not the patient are you?”-Sonogram Technician, who is now my best friend

Anyway, the Dr. said everything was great! All the reports have come back as normal and perfect as they should be, nothing off the radar. I’ve only gained half a pound which she said is totally normal. Phil and I think the scale is wrong because I definitely have gained more than half a pound in my boobs alone, but whatever, the scale is scientific.

I still don’t have a bump.  I’m basically pushing it out!

photo 2

How Far Along: 14 weeks.
Size of Baby: A Lemon.
Total Weight Gain: half a pound
Symptoms: Breathlessness and Dizziness
Eats: Normal food. I’m finding that I HATE chinese food with this pregnancy. It’s possibly the most disgusting sounding thing out there. Just thinking of it right now is making me sick.
Best moment of the week: Hearing the baby’s heart beat and seeing Phil’s face light up like a Christmas tree.
What I’m looking forward to: Phil has this weekend off, so I’m looking forward to finally hanging out with him.
Milestones: The baby is growing hair and has facial expressions.

13 weeks and counting..

Okay, so this is the last week of my first trimester. And I think I’m 13 weeks, but we will find out for CERTAIN on Tuesday.

This week was the first week of my complete exhaustion subsiding. It was a miracle to be able to be able to function again when I come home from work. I could cook dinner, go for walks, go to the gym, this energy..I hope it stays with me forever and ever ever!

Last weekend I went to visit my two best friends from High School. They are both new* moms (Between them they have two 2 year olds, a 1 year old, and a nine month old). So they aren’t new moms, but they know what to do. Also, they are the smartest moms in the entire world and I was so glad to see them. They helped calm a lot of my fears, and teach me some ways of being a mom. I’m so glad I have them in my life. I know I can turn anywhere for advice, but it’s a lot easier having friends who just went through it, vs parents who went through it 30 years ago.

On Friday night I went to a bachelertte party for my friend Raven. I lasted until 12:15 which is a miracle! I danced the night away in 4 inch heels (!). When I got home, my feet doubled in size! I was I still had a few more months of high heels left in me, but I don’t know if that’s true anymore.

I forgot to take my weekly bump picture, so here’s a selfie of me at work. It’s amazing the difference in taking a picture in the morning vs 7 pm at night. That bump is gone.

photo 3

Also, I forgot to take a picture of the fruit that coincides with my bump. So here I am eating my baby peach.

photo 1

How Far Along: 13 weeks.
Size of Baby: A perfect Georgia Peach.
Total Weight Gain: I have no clue, according to our scale at home I’ve gained zero pounds.
Symptoms: So much energy! Headaches are a big part of my life now, but that’s also because I have stopped drinking as much water.
Eats: Strawberry Ice cream
Best moment of the week: It was actually a really good week! My job has been eh for the better part of the past few months, and I had so much energy this week that it was very productive!
What I’m looking forward to: August 13th (still), oh and decorating the bedroom! I just wish I could find a bed frame that I loved.
Milestones: Baby Spice is officially whatever he/she is!

This Month’s Edition of Things Melissa wants:

I am a product of wanting. I always want more than I need. In this situation, I feel I have some flexibility in want vs need. My body’s changing and there’s no way my small clothes will fit on a bigger me, right? right? We need to convince Phil to spend money on me.

So some additional things I want:
1) All wrap dresses. They are perfect at hiding that maternity bump, plus as long as my arms stay semi the same, I could probably wear them through the whole pregnancy.
Wrap Dresses

2) Remember my post about prenatal yoga? Well on top of my $44 a month gym membership, yoga is a pretty penny too. I signed up for the beginner trial class, which was $32 for a package. If I did one class a month it would be $14 a class. Which isn’t terrible, but isn’t ideal. If I did a package a week it’s $60 per month. And if I wanted to do the same class every week for 3 months it’s $168. It’s expensive! I think I will stick to the once a month, because it’s basically the equivalent of a manicure, or lunch with friends, but I don’t think we can afford the actual packages.

3) Phil and I were both spoiled with cloth diapers. They are so cute these days! And much easier to clean then they use to be. My MIL tells me horror stories of this thing called “dipping”. I want all of the cloth diapers. (I’m an environmental nut job, did you think I could even manage to do normal diapers?!)
Here are some cute samples:

multi colored Patterned
They can be purchased here and here

4) Citrus Lane Subscription. I love a gift of the month club. This one changes as your child grows. So you can get stuff during pregnancy, newborn, and toddler stages. I’d probably end up cancelling it after six months, but would love to try it out on the baby and me!

5) And finally, my body is changing (duh!), but like really changing. My hips have always been good birthing hips, and now they are shifting a little bit, so sleeping is basically worthless. But, all my pregnant mama’s have sworn by this:


It’s okay to want all of these things right?

Not sure if I’m 11 or 12 weeks..

Math is really hard.

As a product of Gen Y/Gen X the phrase “there’s an app for that” is usually not far from my lips. So of course I have 5-6 pregnancy apps. I actually have an entire folder dedicated to pregnancy apps. I already have a contraction app. I know I need to slow.down. I have the Baby Center (3 out of 5 stars IMO), Period Tracker (how I found out I was pregnant), Pregnancy (My favorite), and a ton of other ones. In fact when looking for the apps, I found MORE that I wanted to download :/

So I’ve been using them since I found out I was pregnant, and I’m 99% sure I was following them correctly and entered everything correctly, until I looked more closely at one today, and it said I was 12 weeks. So now, I don’t really know how far along I am, but I might be out of the first trimester?

Like I said Math is hard.

I will say it’s amazing a difference a week makes. Last week at this time I was not at all excited. In fact, I was more like eh, let’s switch the topic to anything other than my pregnancy. But then at the beach with my pregnant, post pregnant, trying to get pregnant girlfriends, I realized it’s okay to get excited. It is a big deal. (This isn’t a free for all, “Let’s talk about baby and only baby”, but it’s more of a I won’t avoid the topic if it comes up as much as I use to).

On Sunday, Arielle came over and sketched out the nursery. She’s so talented! It is getting me very excited to start painting and decorating. This isn’t the set up, well I think the bed and the crib are in the right place, but I’m very excited for the other images. I’ll save those for a surprise!

Nursery2 - 5

We’ve received/bought a number of books for preparing for baby. Just as every set of new parents to be ultimately does, I’m sure. Well learned that we need to save $6,500 for the first year alone!

I found these helpful tips: Save Money for BB

Side note: Please tell me how in six weeks we can save 15% of that total, but I can’t pay off a credit card?! Where is the logic! If my credit cards were paid off right now, we could EASILY have that much money in the bank by January. Easily. But no. I had too much fun in my 20’s so that’s where all my low paying no money paychecks went.

There’s finally a little pudge.

How Far Along: I don’t know anymore 😦 I guess we will go with 11 weeks to stay on track.
Size of Baby: Plum
Total Weight Gain: Well, I finally fixed my scale. I’ve gained .5 lbs. I’m right on track for first trimester.
Symptoms: Tired, still. Headaches have come, patience is gone. (but I’m pretty sure that never existed).
Eats: No cravings, I just don’t really like big meals. Mac and Cheese was a positive. Today I broke up my meals into bite size every few hours and that managed to help.
Best moment of the week: Sitting on the beach. Finally.
What I’m looking forward to: August 13th. Sleeping in this weekend, and visiting some of my best girlfriends from high school on Saturday.
Milestones: I think Baby Spice has bones, hiccups and is doing somersaults (even though I can’t feel them).