Not sure if I’m 11 or 12 weeks..

Math is really hard.

As a product of Gen Y/Gen X the phrase “there’s an app for that” is usually not far from my lips. So of course I have 5-6 pregnancy apps. I actually have an entire folder dedicated to pregnancy apps. I already have a contraction app. I know I need to slow.down. I have the Baby Center (3 out of 5 stars IMO), Period Tracker (how I found out I was pregnant), Pregnancy (My favorite), and a ton of other ones. In fact when looking for the apps, I found MORE that I wanted to download :/

So I’ve been using them since I found out I was pregnant, and I’m 99% sure I was following them correctly and entered everything correctly, until I looked more closely at one today, and it said I was 12 weeks. So now, I don’t really know how far along I am, but I might be out of the first trimester?

Like I said Math is hard.

I will say it’s amazing a difference a week makes. Last week at this time I was not at all excited. In fact, I was more like eh, let’s switch the topic to anything other than my pregnancy. But then at the beach with my pregnant, post pregnant, trying to get pregnant girlfriends, I realized it’s okay to get excited. It is a big deal. (This isn’t a free for all, “Let’s talk about baby and only baby”, but it’s more of a I won’t avoid the topic if it comes up as much as I use to).

On Sunday, Arielle came over and sketched out the nursery. She’s so talented! It is getting me very excited to start painting and decorating. This isn’t the set up, well I think the bed and the crib are in the right place, but I’m very excited for the other images. I’ll save those for a surprise!

Nursery2 - 5

We’ve received/bought a number of books for preparing for baby. Just as every set of new parents to be ultimately does, I’m sure. Well learned that we need to save $6,500 for the first year alone!

I found these helpful tips: Save Money for BB

Side note: Please tell me how in six weeks we can save 15% of that total, but I can’t pay off a credit card?! Where is the logic! If my credit cards were paid off right now, we could EASILY have that much money in the bank by January. Easily. But no. I had too much fun in my 20’s so that’s where all my low paying no money paychecks went.

There’s finally a little pudge.

How Far Along: I don’t know anymore 😦 I guess we will go with 11 weeks to stay on track.
Size of Baby: Plum
Total Weight Gain: Well, I finally fixed my scale. I’ve gained .5 lbs. I’m right on track for first trimester.
Symptoms: Tired, still. Headaches have come, patience is gone. (but I’m pretty sure that never existed).
Eats: No cravings, I just don’t really like big meals. Mac and Cheese was a positive. Today I broke up my meals into bite size every few hours and that managed to help.
Best moment of the week: Sitting on the beach. Finally.
What I’m looking forward to: August 13th. Sleeping in this weekend, and visiting some of my best girlfriends from high school on Saturday.
Milestones: I think Baby Spice has bones, hiccups and is doing somersaults (even though I can’t feel them).


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