This Month’s Edition of Things Melissa wants:

I am a product of wanting. I always want more than I need. In this situation, I feel I have some flexibility in want vs need. My body’s changing and there’s no way my small clothes will fit on a bigger me, right? right? We need to convince Phil to spend money on me.

So some additional things I want:
1) All wrap dresses. They are perfect at hiding that maternity bump, plus as long as my arms stay semi the same, I could probably wear them through the whole pregnancy.
Wrap Dresses

2) Remember my post about prenatal yoga? Well on top of my $44 a month gym membership, yoga is a pretty penny too. I signed up for the beginner trial class, which was $32 for a package. If I did one class a month it would be $14 a class. Which isn’t terrible, but isn’t ideal. If I did a package a week it’s $60 per month. And if I wanted to do the same class every week for 3 months it’s $168. It’s expensive! I think I will stick to the once a month, because it’s basically the equivalent of a manicure, or lunch with friends, but I don’t think we can afford the actual packages.

3) Phil and I were both spoiled with cloth diapers. They are so cute these days! And much easier to clean then they use to be. My MIL tells me horror stories of this thing called “dipping”. I want all of the cloth diapers. (I’m an environmental nut job, did you think I could even manage to do normal diapers?!)
Here are some cute samples:

multi colored Patterned
They can be purchased here and here

4) Citrus Lane Subscription. I love a gift of the month club. This one changes as your child grows. So you can get stuff during pregnancy, newborn, and toddler stages. I’d probably end up cancelling it after six months, but would love to try it out on the baby and me!

5) And finally, my body is changing (duh!), but like really changing. My hips have always been good birthing hips, and now they are shifting a little bit, so sleeping is basically worthless. But, all my pregnant mama’s have sworn by this:


It’s okay to want all of these things right?


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