Gender Drama

I have been feeling, of late, that there is this unknown mommy war between those who wish to find out vs those who don’t. Everyone I’ve spoken with regarding finding out the gender, when it’s different from my opinion is very defensive (I could be totally wrong, It’s not like me misinterpreting something is uncommon). The comments I hear from my friends range anywhere from, “I want to identify with who is in side of me”, to, “the baby was coming and I wanted to spend as much time with him and not shop”,  to, “I have to decorate the nursery, plan for this, do x”..and I feel like my only response when people ask me why I choose to wait is “Because I want to.”

I don’t have any good reason. Sure, it will be easier on everyone else in the gift giving stage if they know it’s a little J (boy) or a little A (girl), but I mean, I really am perfectly content being patient and waiting. One of the thoughts that I have come to understand with Phil, is that he REALLY wants a boy. Like REALLY wants a boy. So to him finding out early will better prepare him for the “disappointment” if it’s not a girl. At first, I totally agreed. Yes, you need time to process. But then, as time has gone on, and it’s really starting to sink in, I don’t want disappointment associated with this at all! When that baby comes out and “It’s A XX/XY” is shouted, I want it to be the happiest moment. Not “I need three months to process that it’s a girl.” It really does not matter to me. I have fears of boys, what with peeing and being boys and teenagers, and weird. I have fears of girls, mostly that as a teenagers I am guaranteed to hate her. (It’s fine, It is what it is, it’s like a right of passage or something, pay back, who knows, but it’s a thing, and I’m okay with it).

So, here I am 100% happy that I am not finding out. Trying to see how I can convince Phil that he can wait until February as well. I highly doubt there are people out there who REGRETTED finding out. Right?

Anyway. So because I’m not finding out I wanted to see if I matched with any old wives tales. Here are my results:


1. Carrying High/Carrying Low: High means girl, low means boy. Well, considering I’m 14.5 weeks, and I’ve only gained a pound, this one doesn’t count for us. Plus I don’t think it counts anyway because my mom carried me low and I turned out to be a beautiful girl.
2. High Heartbeat/Low Heartbeat:High means girl, low means boy. Well the heartbeat was 160 last week, and they say anything over 140 is girl. But this tale was debunked decades ago. So this doesn’t count.
3.  Craving Sweet/Craving Sour: Sweet means girl, sour means boy. Well, I just crave food. And honestly it’s 50/50 all the way around! Am I even really pregnant? This doesn’t count.
4. Chinese Birth Chart: This has to do with the mothers age, and the month of conception. If both numbers are odd it’s a girl, if both numbers are even it’s a boy. Result: Girl!
5. Acne: If you’re breaking out like crazy, girl. If you’re not, Boy. Result: Girl!
6. Morning Sickness: If you have it, girl. If not, boy. Result: Boy!

And some from Belly, Belly.

1. Dry or Soft Skin. Dry means boy, soft means girl. Result: Boy!
2.  Beautiful or Dry Hair. Dull means girl, beautiful means boy. Result: unknown. Some days my hair looks REALLY good. And other days it looks gross. So. I can’t really guess on this.
3.  Overall Glow: Glow means boy, dull means girl. Result: Boy! (But I think it’s because I have a nice summer tan!)
4. Is one breast bigger than the other? Larger right breast means boy, larger left breast means girl. Result: Girl!
5. Sleeping on the right or left side: left means boy, right means girl. Result: Unknown. I prefer both sides. I fall asleep on the right, but sleep better on the left?
6. Color of Pee: Bright yellow means boy, dull/clear girl. Results: Boy! (also, aren’t you glad you know the color of my pee!)

So by this points are sort of pointing to boy? But I kind of don’t believe it. I’d say the same thing if things were pointing to a girl.

Did you have any old wives tales that were spot on?




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