Baby Time

So many things happened this week! Phil and I got productive and he built us a Master bedroom headboard (I’ll create a post and document that whole thing, once the headboard is officially finished and in place).

photo 1

Last Weds, I drove all the way to Northern Virginia to purchase my guest bedroom metal frame. We are really “coming together”.

photo 2

And clearly we are focused on the most important furniture to buy when expecting a baby! We had dinner with our friends last Monday who have a new born and they actually encouraged us to buy our furniture now, because once BBWZL comes, we won’t be so apt to “decorate”.

We did receive some scary news this week. I took the dogs to the vet yesterday because they needed to get some vaccines and shots. Well, it turns out Hatteras has a Stage 3 heart murmur. We might have caught it in time, but we need to have a ECG and an Xray done to make sure. They are going to look to see if his heart his abnormal and if he has Stage 1 heart failure. So needless to say, I spent Thursday sobbing my eye balls out. I mean, seriously, Todd and Copper crying my eyes out. And hugging him and loving him. But, in the spirit of pregnancy, I’m trying NOT to be negative. So, I figure he will have the tests done next week, and there is no point in worrying now about something I won’t know until Weds. It does make me really scared because he’s my first baby and he’s been with me from Little Rock, to Norfolk, to DC, to Richmond (5 different houses!). I get so many compliments on him on how great a dog he is and I am really excited for him to meet Baby Spice. So–back to not being negative thoughts mcgee.

In other baby news, I can feel the baby moving! It does not feel like butterflies. To me it feels more like, when you’re on a roller coaster and there is a big drop and your stomach kind of drops. It feels like that, throughout the day, with similar feelings to gas pains too? Maybe I’ll feel more in the next few weeks.

And Saturday, I officially Popped. It’s not a belly, it’s more bloated. But it’s there.

photo 3

How Far Along: 15 weeks.
Size of Baby: An Avocado
Total Weight Gain: 1.5 pounds
Symptoms: Now, I have so much energy! I’m making use of it though and getting all my nesting done now!
Eats: Nothing interesting, but I’m starting to keep track of what I’m eating because I don’t want to not eat enough, which I fear might be happening as I am a grazer more than a sit down mealer.
Best moment of the week: Understanding that what I am feeling is the baby moving. It’s a bit uncomfortable, but glad to know what it is.
What I’m looking forward to: Okay, this sounds lame, but we still haven’t finished our wedding thank you cards! That is on the agenda for this week. AND painting the trim in the babies room.
Milestones: Baby can make a fist (which clearly terrifies me because I think he’s going to yank on the umbilical cord. All of the joints are moving, and BBWZL can sense light. So if I shine a flashlight on my belly, it would move.


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