Phil is a Carpenter

I would always consider myself to be sort of handy–into projects. I’ve never really been into the build it yourself stuff, but refinishing projects and getting crafty has always been up my ally. And thanks to Pinterest, I’ve had a number of light bulb ideas these days.  Whenever I have an idea for a project I usually run it past Phil, get some push back, do it anyway, and life is great.

However, every now and then he gets a DIY bug. When he gets it, I’m not going to turn it down because a) he’s so detail oriented that I know it won’t get messed up, and b) he really can build/fix anything. He’s incredibly handy and c) if I tell him no, he might not ever do it again!

So as I mentioned in my last post he got the idea to build a headboard (I’ve been asking for a bed frame for a while) and he found a great “how to” from the DIY Network Folks.

He showed me the picture, and I said okay!

photo 1

First stop, a trip to Lowe’s. I think* the entire project ( wood, stain, poly, everything else) only cost us about $120. Our headboard cost $120!! Kind of shocking when you look at the cost of furniture these days. I do have to thank my Dad for making me learn patience at a young age. I use to have to sit for hours in airplane hangers while he fixed and tinkered. It was endless hours of boredom.  I did this without an Iphone. I tried to do Lowe’s without an Iphone, but that was impossible. How did I use to entertain myself?? The most tedious aspect was picking out wood. We had to ensure that there were no curves so that they would all be flush with each other. That probably took two hours.

Next Assembly:

photo 2 photo 3

It was raining the day we bought everything, so Phil but it together right on our living room floor. While I watched a marathon of Snapped on the Oxygen channel.

photo 4

Just about finished project!

Now, I should have been a better photographer and took pictures of the staining, and polying process. But I forgot, got tired, didn’t think about it. We choose Dark Walnut as our stain, because I don’t like the look of Oak, and I feel like Dark furniture can sometimes last longer. It won’t “tire” as easy as a light wood.

Phil drilled some holes into the bottom so it would connect with our bed rail and ta da:

We have a new bed!

photo 5

I have to remove the pictures because they don’t fit behind the bedframe anymore. And now my next craft is to find better bed side tables. The ones I currently have were my Uncle Charlie’s, and they have gone from black, to white, to me and my Dad refinishing them (current condition). They are sturdy and have lasted MANY moves. But I’m tired of them. They don’t go with my current motif, and I don’t think I can get them to a motif that I like.

Next big project will take place in 3 weeks: Painting the upstairs.

Next refinishing project: Turning a bookcase into a closet. (**We did it! Read about it here**)


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