She was 16, going on 17…

I can’t believe it’s September! I’ve officially entered my fifth month! I wouldn’t say time has been flying, but now that I feel a little more organized it’s either going to go by so fast or so slow.

We spent the holiday weekend hosting a crab picking party. I did not make the crabs, that was Arielle’s job.

photo 2
There were more crabs than shown, we just ate them all.

I made pie. I have declared myself queen of pie, and have decided that I am hands down the best pie maker in all the land. It’s summer time, so obviously it was time for a peach pie. My grandfather would have been proud of that pie.  I may have even come very close to mastering Yia-Yia’s pie crust recipe, which is the best pie crust (according to my in laws, and now me). I’ve always been very good at fillings, but not crust, and I think I’ve come VERY close to it. Also, Hi. I’m not humble about how good my pie is.

photo 1

Monday, Phil and I registered for the baby. As soon as I became pregnant, my friend Raven bought me the book Baby Bargains . If you know anyone that’s pregnant, I strongly suggest it! It’s really helpful in explaining why Graco is an Okay stroller–why you should stay away from Chico, and why you should go with Britax. Phil and I looked like huge nerds in Babies R Us with our book looking at everything, but honestly, it helped us so much. We weren’t left wondering around aimlessly like “Huh? That could be nice? What do you think? Well let’s add it to the list.” We ended up only scanning a few things and then going home and doing the rest online.

We decided to register at Babies R Us and Amazon . We went with Amazon because many of the big ticket items we have found were considerably cheaper on Amazon compared to Babies R Us.

A long time ago, I saw a pin for Lucie’s List. She’s a registered nurse, first time mother. Her items are the best of the best and it was a big help! The list tells you what is important, not so important and what can wait (bottle warmer!).

Phil and I were quite proud of ourselves because the two items we are really stoked about (the Britax B-Agile and the Mamaroo ) we found on our own. We then looked into the reviews and they were the top choices! So basically, we’ve got this parenting thing DOWN. The other item we picked over the standard pack and play is the 4moms Breezeyard. This is a bit more expensive than the pack and play, BUT much simpler to put together, and easier for travel. I then stalked some of my friends registry’s and added things that they had that I didn’t have. I’m sure I’m missing some things, but I feel like we got a bunch of it covered (for now!). I have a few moms who are going to check it out and tell me what I’m missing. And I’ve been told not to register for certain things because you can just steal them from the hospital. This is another reason I’m very happy about not finding out the gender, we won’t be stuck with clothes/outfits because no one wants to buy you nipple cream. But people..these are the things we need!

I also found this really great website for babies that are born in the winter. The main thing I grabbed from that was a room thermometer. Our house can get so drafty and what’s cold/comfortable to us, might be too cold for a baby!

BBWZL Updates:

photo 3
There’s that bump!

P.S. I feel really bad for not taking any cute maternity pictures of the growing bump. I’ll try and work on that.

How Far Along: 16/17 weeks.
Size of Baby: Size of an Orange! About 5 inches long. That’s A LOT!
Total Weight Gain: I’m on the one pound a week track. I actually downloaded an app to make sure I was getting enough calories (which I was!), so I think if I stay on this track I should be good! So far about 3 lbs.
Symptoms: Sleeping is getting to be a problem. Sleeping on my left and right side is causing major pain in my lower back. I don’t know how much longer of stomach sleeping I have!
Eats: Pie. My pie.
Best moment of the week: Registering for the baby!
What I’m looking forward to: This weekend is Arielle’s engagement party, so it will be a nice weekend away with the girls. We didn’t finish our thank you cards. We started on three of the big ones, but didn’t finish. Maybe I’ll get that done this week.
Milestones: Baby’s fat formation begins–little chunkster. The little heart pumps 25 quarts of blood a day and he/she can finally taste the food I’m eating. Maybe that’s why I like pie so much this week?


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