Phil and I took vacation this week. Normally, we go off jet setting to Peru, San Francisco, Delaware..but this time we stayed home and did A LOT of work. I feel like I need a vacation from this vacation.

Yesterday, My in laws came up and Phil and his dad painted our rooms, while Mimi and I made home made pita bread, and grape leaves.I’m officially turning Greek! I was (and I think everyone else was!) pretty impressed with the pita bread. But we’ll see when I try it again in a few months if it stuck with me. Fingers crossed!

We also finally moved the changing table/closet/bookshelf upstairs. Which means, we built the closet. Phil is improving a target $5 mirror into something a little more appealing on the eyes , more on that later.  I feel like we’ve been like the writers of Young, House, Love this week!

Tomorrow we head off to Charlotte, NC for his college roommates wedding. I’ve never actually met any of his college friends so I’m interested to see how it will go with me being sober at a wedding. I’m pretty sure I’ll do fine 🙂

Also, our dog trainer came over today and helped us prepare for baby. I’m so glad we did this with 20 weeks left instead of trying to do it a month before the baby came. We now have plenty of time to get them fully prepared for the big changes in their life. I’ll write a post later on what she said, some of it blew us away but how little we knew!

I know you guys really care about the baby so here are some baby updates:

  • We can officially feel the baby moving this week, like outside of the belly. Not just me feeling the roller coaster things. Monday night was the start of it. Phil was able to feel it and Mimi felt it yesterday when she was here. From what I’ve gathered, the baby is active at 7 am and 10 pm. Right when I finally lay down. Sometimes when I’m laying down I can make out BBWheezes head. Which is really weird!
  • Cravings this week: Lemonade. I can’t get enough of it. And I saw a commercial for Jell-O pudding, I want that bad. I actually just want all sweets all the time. We made brownies and a dump cake this week and I still could eat more.
  • Baby is the size of a mango.
  • My stomach is the size of a burrito:
  • Belly Sept

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