Secrets Out!

Secrets Out! Future Blue Devil Debuting Feb 2014.

After 5 months  of keeping this little thing a secret. I finally announced it on all forms of social media yesterday: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It’s officially FBO (Facebook Official).  It has been three months of me signing on and deleting comments, telling people to delete comments, or deleting entire pictures because people would make comments. Which, I kind of feel rude about, but at the same time….I don’t. It’s my announcement to make and I don’t want someone to ruin it!

So the baby is kicking and moving like crazy now. I can feel it all day long and it’s just weird! Sometimes it’s really uncomfortable. This is my body baby not yours. Obviously,  I still need to work on sharing. Also, sometimes when I’m laying down you can make out the baby’s head..which is really the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s more alien like than a sonogram.


My biggest concern this week is pain with running. It either feels like I have to use the bathroom, I’m carrying an extra thing (duh), or my ligaments are going to rip apart. I’ve read up on it, talked to a lot of women (most of who have quit running), and talked to my doctor and it is all totally normal ( I am exaggerating about how painful it is; it’s mostly uncomfortable). I stumbled across this blog (which I love, because the name is Blonde Ponytail) and she suggested, based on everyone’s advice, the Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt. So I bought it today. Unfortunately, the don’t sell it in stores anywhere! I tried REI, Dicks Sporting goods, Target, 2 local running stores, and our local pregnancy store! I ended up buying it online. I won’t receive it until Monday, so I’ll have to update y’all on if it works. Until then, I’ll just run with discomfort.

I’m basically not willing to give up running. Everything says that working out during pregnancy is good and healthy and helps with an easy* delivery. I’m not running 8 miles. I’m just running 2-3 miles tops. and when I say 3– I mean 2 is the longest run I’ve done in 3 months, so I’m sure someone who hasn’t run in 3 years could out run me at this point.

This weekend we went to Charlotte for one of Phil’s college buddies wedding, so naturally we stopped by Duke to buy some new clothes. They will obviously work for a boy, but if it’s a girl we can just throw some fun tights, a bow, and a tutu on her and call it a day.

All in all things are coming together nicely!

Time for Baby Stuff:

It honestly looks much bigger in real life.

How Far Along: 20/21 weeks.
Size of Baby: Size of a Cantaloupe. Which OMG. A cantaloupe is really big. 12 oz (so close to a pound!) and 10 inches long, and officially taking up too much room.
Total Weight Gain: Well, my easy weight gain has caught up. Not terrible. I’m at 8 lbs total weight gain and looks like I’m on track with a pound a week. Which at this point would make me gain 28 lbs.
Symptoms: Sleeping is the biggest problem. I realized Phil will be on night shift for the last two months of pregnancy, and I’ve NEVER been happier for him to be on a night shift rotation. I also think my irritation bug that had gone away has come back. Luckily, Phil is not the victim.
Eats: Desserts. I made cookies at 10 pm on Monday night. It’s okay, carry on. Nothing to see here.
Best moment of the week: Meh. It’s been pretty uneventful.
What I’m looking forward to: We are having a yard sale this weekend. I’m hoping to make enough to cover the cost of somethings. Probably won’t be more than $100 but it’s something!
Milestones: The baby is fully formed and it is definitely busy kicking up a storm. I’ve tried, but supposedly if you put a stethoscope up to the womb you can hear the heart beat. Still no dice for me.


8 thoughts on “Secrets Out!

  1. Is your soreness in the crotchal region or more belly oriented? I worked out at the gym (weights and cardio) up until the day I was 40 weeks prego with Bradford and I just couldn’t do it anymore (and 8 days later he showed up). With Warren I mostly did long walks because I didn’t have a gym membership and I had to exercise in a way that included Bradford. You know what’s not fun? Being a big fat fatty Preggers McGee on a stairmaster next to a 90 lb freshman girl. I don’t miss the UVA gym at all!

    So glad you are feeling well and all signs point to a healthy baby! Don’t worry too much about what other people say (even if what they say seems like good advice). Just do whatever feels right to you!

    1. melissaraetaylor

      It’s more..appendix region. But my co-worker just told me it might be round ligaments stretching. Hopefully it goes away soon!

      1. Most of the time I felt weird soreness I just assumed it was baby growth related and took it easy. Your baby has done a lot of growth recently in the weight department, so things are bound to feel different. Hopefully it all feels more normal soon!

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