Second Trimester-Who Knews?

So all I’ve read in every single book is “Second trimester is the best three months of pregnancy!” “You’ll love it!” “It’s amazing!” “Wish pregnancy lasted like this forever.”

Sure. It’s been great. I’ve been ridiculously lucky on having an easy pregnancy. I mean, two weeks ago in prenatal yoga I felt like the biggest bitch because everyone was all “complain about this, complain about that, swelling, carpel tunnel, mood swings”.. etc. Then it got to me and I kinda of shrugged and said “meh. It’s been pretty easy, I can’t complain, pregnancy has been sunshine and rainbows.” I’m pretty sure daggers were thrown my way. Sorry ?

And it TRULY has been easy. But for those of you who aren’t pregnant, have never been pregnant, are in the first trimester of pregnancy, here some things that I didn’t know about, that have reared their ugly head. Just a little heads up in case you are naive like me about sunshine and rainbows.

1. Backache: This seems kind of like, duh, but you don’t really know HOW bad the pain can be. From August until-September I couldn’t even sleep a little bit. I’d wake up with the worst pain. Like I had lifted weights all day long. It was awful. I’m sure it will come back in a few weeks once the BB is bigger, but during the first period when my body was shifting and things were moving: I was hurting.

Sidenote: Sleep goes away to. Goodbye solid nights. Goodbye restful sleep. Just Goodbye. and Hello Insomnia!

2. Gums: Flossing. Ugh. Who even does this for real? I mean I do it regularly and by regularly , I mean like two weeks before I go to the dentist and two weeks after. And my gums bleed. But now. Good golly! You’d think I was a vampire. It’s the most disgusting thing when I brush my teeth. You can thank your body for that increased blood flow when it happens to you.

3. My boobs are glorious. That is all.

4. Congestion. Everyday from  2-5 in my office I sneeze and sniffle like its allergy season (which it is, but not for me).

5. LOL. You know what’s funny, they were all, “You won’t have to pee as much”. Lies. I’m back to going to the bathroom 2 times a night, PLUS having to go right when I wake up. Thanks mother nature.

6. Varicose Veins: Hey sexy lady. That is not what someone says when they see my legs. I’m told they will disappear. I hope they are right.

7. My personal favorite and it happens at exactly 20 weeks. Round ligament pain.
Round Ligament

That little tiny ligament that stretches across half the stomach. That’s the pain I’ve been feeling while running. It’s totally normal and totally painful. Last night in researching I found this exercise, that really does help and these facts.

It’s really annoying and you just have to be patient and it goes away. But no one warned me about it. In fact yesterday, it was so painful that I had to run to my coworker and ask am I dying? So clearly, I’m going to need all of the drugs during labor.

8. And to end this who knew on a positive note, you really can feel the baby moving. For the longest time I could feel the quickening which was that roller coaster type thing. But now I get what people say when they say it feels like popcorn popping. It’s reassuring now because I think to myself, “Oh! I’m actually pregnant! There’s a BBWZL in there”.

Those are the symptoms I’ve had. I know other ladies have had some different ones too. So basically, what I’ve learned, is you are not free from misery at all during pregnancy. What were symptoms you had?


**disclaimer, misery is relative. I honestly could not be having an easier pregnancy and I’m very thankful and grateful for that.**



2 thoughts on “Second Trimester-Who Knews?

  1. Boobs look amazing while pregnant and nursing. Boobs look like deflated balloons after pregnancy and nursing. But that’s what boob jobs and doctor husbands are for!

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