Pregnancy and Registry

Be prepared. Be prepared for everything.

For those of you who have done a wedding registry,  Emily Post says its important to have a variety of different priced options. It’s okay to have expensive gifts, and it’s okay to have $4 gifts. Your invited guests don’t have to buy you a gift, but if they choose, these are some things you might appreciate and need.

The same goes for a baby registry. Do that and then some. Register for everything you need, and double it. DO NOT REGISTER FOR CLOTHES (I will bite my own tongue here, I do have some onesies on the list, but I don’t have outfits or anything). People will buy those willingly on their own (most likely, those are also the same people who won’t shop off your registry because they don’t want to buy you changing pads, diaper liners, or bottles but I’ve said it before –those are the things you need). Also–again, remember, when you have a baby, people aren’t required to buy you a gift and you shouldn’t expect them to give you a gift–but you should understand (and I understand) that people want to spend money on you. So register for the things you want! Sure right now, baby in womb–I’m all “Why the hell would I need a bottle drying rack for? I have a dishwasher.” But who knows–maybe three months into baby I’ll be OMG! I NEED A DRYING RACK (doubt it because I’m hands down the worst hand dish washer on the planet, but you never know!).

So because I just did some shopping today off a shower registry, and I hate unsolicited advice, but I desperately wanted to call this mommy to be and say “QUICK! Add all these items to your registry”, I am not going to do that– because, I know how much unsolicited advice annoys the shit out of me. (Also–I apparently was looking at an old registry, and she does have a MUCH MORE detailed one at another store that I didn’t even look at!) So here is my internet unsolicited advice, which I presume you are all reading because you want my advice:

1) The second you find out you are pregnant buy this book:
Baby Bargains

or if you are lucky like me, you have a very wonderful friend who will buy it for you.  It was very helpful in helping narrow down all the options down there. From strollers, maternity clothes, baby clothes, cribs, humidifiers, monitors, it’s all there! And it also goes into great detail about things you really don’t need.
2. Lucies List This was the second most important thing. Lucie’s mom didn’t have a clue what to do when pregnant. So she did this. And I love her. Thank you Meg!
3. Ask your friends. Ask all of them. Get books. Get all of them. Compare your registry with friends who are due around the same time (or maybe they already had their kid and their registry is still active). You may find things you didn’t even think about. I did. I didn’t even realize it might be a good idea to register for diaper rash cream, or wipes, or diapers, or soap, do it. Register for it all.
4. DO NOT FEEL BAD FOR PUTTTING TOO MUCH STUFF ON A REGISTRY. If you don’t get it, then you don’t get it. You can buy it yourself. Much like your wedding registry, you may also realize that some of that stuff you registered for is no longer needed (like the 18 pairs of candlesticks that I registered for) and you can return it, and purchase what you do need (bottles, butt cream, and burp clothes).

Also, at 21 weeks, I don’t know a single freaking thing. I haven’t even had my first shower. These are my opinions. I think they are correct, but who knows. There is always room for improvement!




2 thoughts on “Pregnancy and Registry

  1. Here’s my registry tip:

    Put items that you already have on your registry and mark them off as purchased. For instance, if you buy a bumbo yourself or a friend lets you have their’s, put a bumbo marked as purchased on your registry. This way you won’t have some well-meaning person check your registry, and seeing you didn’t put a bumbo on there, buy you one thinking it was safe to get! You can help avoid double “surprise” gifts that way. And everyone gets like a hundred copies of “Goodnight Moon” and “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” so go ahead and register for those/mark them off so you hopefully only end up with one copy. If you already feel like you have a hundred baby towels and don’t need anymore, update your registry to have a hundred purchased baby towels. People often check registries before buying “off-registry” to get an idea of what you have/need/want before surprising you with what they think you need/want.

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