A DIY that is so easy, I can’t believe it took me this long.

So last summer, my parents moved from San Diego back to the East Coast. My parents were completely generous and redid our entire bathroom.

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It went from “eww,  this is so gross get me out of here” to “oh, la, la, so chic and modern!”.  It was a breath of fresh air. Now, if I loved it so much, why am I writing a blog about it a year later?

In the process of tiling the bathroom, my dad and I managed to drip/splash/not take our time, and get grout all over the bathtub. We tried to clean it up, but at that point, we were kind of over the project, and I never take baths, so it was kind of–NBD. So what if there’s grout on our bathtub? Let me state, I am not complaining at all about the bathroom, because it was A LOT of blood, sweat, curse words, all from my dad because Phil and I had to work. So I’m not complaining–but, just stating, we had grout drippings and I was too lazy to clean it up.

In the following months every time I cleaned the bathtub, I moaned and groaned, complained about the grout, and did nothing about it (shocker, I complained about something). Until last night, when I had such bad Braxton Hicks that I took a bath. And then I immediately got out of the bath because it was disgusting. So my plan was to get this grout off of the porcelain tub, ASAP–but HOW?!

The internet was no help. For some reason every Google search directed me to wire sponges/razor blades/everything terrible for a porcelain tub. Then, I turned to my co-worker. He suggested a wooden stick and water. I figured this was free, let’s try it first—and Holy Moses was he right!

All you need to clean year old (if not older) grout from your tub is a wooden stick, a cup of water, and a rag. I did not take a picture of the tub before because it was disgusting, nor did I take one of it after, but I did take a picture of spots that I scrubbed.

Supplies (I had a sponge, just in case, but never used it)

Wet the stick/Wet the grout (sometimes I poured water onto the spots that were a bit “grittier” than others)


Year old grout.

Put light pressure on the stick and scrape away


and Voila! The grout comes off!


Two more spots:


Depending on how much you have will determine how long it takes, it was all over our tub so it took me about 45 minutes.

Cost: FREE! I used a paint stick from Home Depot.

Hope this helps others who have a similar problem.


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