Weekly Update #24

Remember when, oh, three weeks ago, I was bragging about how pregnancy was so easy. What do people complain about?

ha. ha. ha. f’ing. ha.

I now have mood swings similar, if not worse, to PMS. I can be very doting and sweet and thoughtful one minute, and then I have hateful moments. Such as last night. It doesn’t need repeating, but it’s been 18 hours and counting and I’m still not sorry I said them. Because yes, I am entitled to want someone to go out and get a Snickers bar at 9 pm at night after I drove for 10 hours this weekend to and from Charleston. Still not sorry I said that. If you’ve never been pregnant before, or if you were me 6 weeks ago–let me tell you about a thing called cravings.

When you get them, you have to satisfy them THAT INSTANT or else they will eat away at your brain and consume your thoughts. Regardless if it’s a Snickers bars, cottage cheese and peaches, lemonade, whatever it is. You need it and if you can’t have it, someone should get it for you if you can’t get it yourself. Please believe I will be buying candy in BULK on Friday when Halloween candy goes on sale. I will then be asking Phil to hide it, and only give it to me when I ask. This sweet tooth has gotten out of control. That by far is what I can’t handle. I can handle not drinking, I can even handle not having a turkey sandwich, caffeine all of it, fine. Easily not have it for the next three months, but try and take a desert away from me and I will wreck shop.

**Let it be known, that in the 24 hours since last night, and since writing this original post–Phil came home with all of this, called it his Emergency Pregnant Melissa kit. And now I love him even more and feel horrible for writing terrible things–but I won’t erase it because for anyone reading who hasn’t been pregnant, it’s real, and it’s okay to feel crazy.**

Pregnancy First Aid Kit
Phil’s Emergency Kit for Melissa

Besides food related PMS, I just have people PMS. If you say something that rubs me the wrong way–I want to yell at you but I won’t, instead I will complain about you for the next five hours. Such as everyone who’s like “Pregnancy is the time to gain weight, you don’t need to work out”. Guess what-I know that. But I also know that working out while pregnant is good for you and the baby, also really good for labor, also, I feel better after I’ve worked out. Its a stress relief for me (side note, I’ve just written three really bitchy sentences about comments people have said to me and my response and erased them…so that’s where I am). Pregnancy is really super fun. But only when everyone does exactly what I want, when I want, and how I want.

So that’s this week. We went to Charleston this weekend and took zero pictures, but it was a really great time. It was good to catch up with old friends both nights. I really like Phil’s friends from college. I wish they weren’t all so spread out. I also REALLY like their wives. All the wives are so similar that it’s sort of shocking. Are our husbands as similar as we are? (the answer is yes.) Next on the list are a few crafts and a few book reviews that I will be posting shortly. I’m trying to get away from about us, to more informative pieces, but–don’t rush me. I’ll get there in my own time.

Phil received his first interview request: Miami!

Baby Stuff:

photo 1 (5)
Where are my toes?

How Far Along: 24 weeks.
Size of Baby: Size of an ear of corn. 11.81 inches long, and 1.3 lbs. This week they say is a big growth spurt so I suspect  movement will slow down, while it’s sleeping to grow–which is fine by me. Hopefully I’ll get some more sleep.
Total Weight Gain: I think my 9 lb gain earlier this month has tapered off. I weigh the same as last week.
Symptoms: Hormonal swings out the whazoo. And my ligament plan is back. I spoke about it at prenatal yoga last week and one of the girls recommended a masseuse who specializes in treating the pain. Supposedly, if you let this ligament pain last long it isn’t very good for the baby. So–we will see how this massage works out, the next step is an acupuncturist. They also recommended a chiropractor, but, my husband would divorce me if I ever saw one of those. Oh and I have started to experience Braxton Hics..#cool
Eats: Every two hours. And all deserts. I don’t even care anymore. The cravings are so painfully bad that I’ll take whatever to make it go away. (Something I NEED to work on, because I shouldn’t be giving in to what’s easy–otherwise I’ll make a terrible mother)
Best moment of the week: Seeing friends this weekend.
What I’m looking forward to: Our crib came today, so putting that together this weekend.
Milestones: Big thing this week for BBT is that the lungs are growing and developing further than they were before. This is good because if ANYTHING were to happen, we are now at the point that the baby has a 50% survival rate outside of the womb. Loud noises may startle the baby now, so..Hatteras, please stop barking.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Update #24

  1. I’m surprised that you aren’t suddenly suspicious of Phil reading your (our) text messages because of how much he nailed the emergency candy kit. Are you paranoid now? Next week’s post: When your friend gives you reason to be paranoid about little things you weren’t previously paranoid about but now can add to your long list of anything and everything that can possibly go wrong ever in the history of life.

    1. melissaraetaylor

      Haha! I totally thought J told him. I bet J did tell him, but is telling you he didn’t. Or maybe–JUST MAYBE–Phil is a genius 🙂

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