15 weeks left (but more like 14)

I’ll be honest, I sat down last night to write this and maybe because I was tired, maybe because I was in a bad mood, maybe because I felt like I had to get this out there, a number of things, “it” just wasn’t coming to me. I wrote what could be the most boring post ever, and I’ve regretted it since last night. So, in order to curb this-Here’s what we did this weekend.

Nothing. Phil worked, and I finished the sashes for the curtains in the baby room (which basically means I’ve packed away the sewing machine until I feel like taking the time to learn how to use it correctly). We still haven’t put the crib together yet, I had anticipated doing that this past weekend, but Phil was on call and didn’t want to use his six hours of free time to put together a crib…which I guess makes sense to anyone who isn’t pregnant or anyone who doesn’t have a problem when things aren’t put in order immediately.

I had a prenatal massage on Sunday to help with round ligament pain. While it was amazing, I actually don’t have round ligament pain anymore. Now that my body is back in the “groove” of working out, the pain has gone away. So note to future pregnant people, and future me, when you get the pain, just work out–not intensely, but enough to just stretch your body. I should mention, I did start running with that belt I discussed a few posts ago, and it has been a huge, huge help.

The pain I have now? Braxton Hicks. To the point that I’m actually giving myself like another 2 hours before I think I might have to call the doctors.

The biggest, most non-boring, news of the week is that I’m 98% sure we found our nanny for when I go back to work. My co-worker, Erin,  recommended her, and kept her son with her for his first year. She’s really great. She’s been doing it for 20 years, she’s very close to my work, and answered all the questions appropriately. I was there when she still had one baby so I was able to see her interact with one of her kids, plus the parents when they came. She’s within our range (which is still not really a range and I’m pretty sure I don’t know how we are going to afford anything). She’s more affordable than a day care center, and will only be watching 3-4 kids at a time. She’s a great find. I don’t know how some people can afford daycare, or how to even find it. I’ve been very lucky to go off of recommendations from friends. That whole everything happens for a reason thing? Maybe that’s why we were so lucky and stayed in Richmond for 5 years.

The baby is moving all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. That’s the most exciting part about being pregnant. I don’t even pay attention in meetings anymore because I just want to watch my stomach morph and take different shapes. But every time I pick up my camera to take a video of it, it stops moving. LIKE IT KNOWS. So, I have a child that is constantly active, but when attention is turned on it-it stops. Good luck to me for the next 18 years.

The baby moving is actually the thing that gets me the most excited about being pregnant. I know for a long time I was all “meh” I’m pregnant, but now, I feel like a warrior woman.  Like I was made to be pregnant? Like being a surrogate has even crossed my mind because minus my mood swings, I really am enjoying it. (and minus Braxton Hicks, and being out of breath). But it is honestly not the worst thing in the world. I still don’t feel like I’ve bonded with the baby yet, but I’m not worried about it. It will come in time. Even Kirsten Bell didn’t bond with her baby immediately. It’s funny. Her comment about “will I love this baby more than I love my dogs ?” resonates so well. Because I love my dogs. Ridiculously love my dogs. Look at them. How can you not?

photo 1

Baby Updates:

photo 2

How Far Along: 25 weeks, but my turn day is in 2 days but for this posting, I’m still 25 weeks.
Size of Baby: Size of a papaya. 13 inches long, and probably about 1.5-1.7 lbs. Over the next three weeks it will keep growing. Slowly, but surely into a real live baby.
Total Weight Gain: 17 lbs. I’m back on track. I have 14 weeks left to go and I’ve got 16 lbs left to gain. I decided that the massive weight gain I had in three weeks was due to me not keeping active, and just baking and eating. Now that I’ve eased back into working out (12 miles this week!) and maintained the same amount of eating I was when I wasn’t working out, I am not so freaked out about the weight gain. Because it truly is all belly (and maybe some hips).
Symptoms: Just really hormonal and emotional. I cry at everything. Even dumb things (yet I didn’t cry when I watched Philadelphia for the first time this week?). I think I’m being really rational in everything that I ask but apparently I’m not (let it be known that I am rational in my requests, everyone else is just crazy).
Eats: Cravings are gone. Maybe because it was Halloween and I’ve over indulged on sweets, but I’m kind of over candy. Good effort Phil. I did enjoy the candy.
Best moment of the week: Today, I heard the baby’s heartbeat for the first time in what felt like weeks. It’s always exciting and lets me know that the baby is healthy and active. And Phil surprised me at the Dr’s today, which was a very good surprise.
What I’m looking forward to: This weekend marks the end of traveling for my work. I could not be more thrilled.
Milestones: Fist-making, that’s why those jabs are getting more intense. Spine is growing and become stronger. And the nostrils are open? Which is so weird to me. The baby’s memory is starting to develop, which might mean that BBT can start recognizing voices and music might be leaving an impression on the growing brain. The skin has changed from translucent to opaque (great, this baby is already more tan than me), and the part of it’s brain that is responsible for emotions, reasoning, planning and problem solving is developing this week.


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