28 weeks; 12 weeks left. Whaaaaat?

Happy third trimester!

I can’t believe we are already here! Apparently neither can anyone around us. We’ve been pretty boring the past couple of weeks. Last week was my birthday, and it was truly the most uneventful birthday in the history of birthdays. The highlight? I put clean sheets on the bed. Whoo–hoo! Talk about a party.

Phil has switched to night shifts, so I’ve got 11 weeks of a bed to myself. Which, in the beginning is what I was thankful for, but now that I see him for a grand total of 48 hours a week–I’d rather have to share a bed. We’ve heard back from a lot of schools. It looks like he’ll be gone every weekend in January. So, I’ve basically recruited all my girlfriends in Richmond to be on labor and delivery duty in case BBT decides to come early.

This week I’m driving to see my Pennsylvania family for Thanksgiving. Phil has to work (so he’ll enjoy a nice cafeteria meal of soggy turkey, and subpar potatoes).

As far as BBT goes, we haven’t done much. I’ve started seriously freaking out that no one will buy things off our registry because it’s all boring. So I bought some crib sheets today. Because. Who’s going to buy us crib sheets? My MIL did put it into perspective that sometimes you can get really neat gifts that you didn’t even think about–which I’m trying to be good and look at things from that angle.

I’ve started interviewing Doulas. MCV does have a free Doula program, which I was definitely interested in–because, free. duh. But I interviewed two of the girls, and they turned out to be 3rd year nursing students, interested in the delivery, but they aren’t going to be labor and delivery nurses, oh, and they have as much experience in a delivery room as I do. So while I was really into helping out and giving back to MCV, this program turns out to be more like a club. Like the doula club? I know this isn’t what I want. But I do know that to become a trained Doula, you have to participate in 6 births (for free), so I’ve started that search. I have a meeting with a recommended doula in training next week. Fingers crossed!!

Our next interview obligation is pediatricians. I’ve found one. I just need to “get in” with him.

We got our Christmas pictures taken this weekend from my friend who has a budding photography business. Check out her work here. I’ll give you a sneak peek (BONUS: It includes my belly).

View More: http://taragibsonphotography.pass.us/taylor-family
Courtesy of Tara Gibson Photography.

How Far Along: 28 weeks. 83 days left until Baby.
Size of Baby: Size of an eggplant. About 2.25 lbs (good golly!) and 15 inches long. But let’s face it, it’s probably 18 inches long because Phil and I are tall people. It’s squirming all the time and I can make out hands and feet now. Sometimes I want to grab a foot and be like HEY BABY I GOT YOUR FOOT.
Total Weight Gain:  I’m 156 lbs. My max is 170. So 14lbs to go. I’m actually really proud of staying within the normal weight gain range. I know how easy it can be to just let go. I did stop running and being active since the 8k last week. But I deserved a break (right? right.).
Symptoms: Hor-mon-al. I would LIKE to control this, but I don’t think that’s possible. Even when I’m yelling at Phil, I can hear the words coming out of my mouth and I know that I sound crazy, but I can’t stop, and then I can’t be wrong, and then I just blame pregnancy. I think it’s frustrating for everyone in the house. Mostly the dogs.
Eats: Meh. I really haven’t had any cravings anymore. I’ve been on a big pineapple kick. Fruit has been a constant appearance in my diet, more so than normal. So fruit, and chocolate. There ya go.
Best moment of the week: Getting our pictures taken. And another surprise that I hope I can write about soon if it turns out to be true!! (it has nothing to do with the baby’s sex, sorry).
What I’m looking forward to: Seeing my family on Weds!
Milestones: The baby is actually gaining baby fat now. It’s getting super chunky. Which is good because no one wants a skinny baby. The eyes are opening now, which–what can a baby see in there? Darkness? Also, if BBWZL decides to come RIGHT NOW..it has a 95% chance of survival. But let’s keep our fingers crossed for Feb 16th. Everything is prepared for that day. Not November.



2 thoughts on “28 weeks; 12 weeks left. Whaaaaat?

    1. melissaraetaylor

      Thanks Christine! I got it at this local store in Richmond called Hip to be Round (hiptoberound.com). They have tons of cute things!! I’ll check when I get home to see who it was made the dress.

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