How I broke the Internet

Nothing to update you all with today–except for the cutest picture that was ever taken in the history of the universe  (and the picture that will break the internet because it’s so adorable)…

photo (4)
My dog, D, is hugging the baby. And the baby is only kicking where her left paw is located. And that happened for 15 minutes.

And excuse me while I clean myself up from this puddle of adorableness.


78% Complete

I mean it’s nothing but countdown time.

Would love to enlighten you all with exciting moments since the last update, but not much has happened– it’s been a really mellow week (thankfully!).

Last week I was as lazy as I could possibly be to make up for being crazy busy the week before. I would like to say that I caught up on sleep–but I literally did nothing. Oh! I did laundry.

One thing that’s really been weighing on my mind is packing the hospital bag. How much is too much? What if I forget something? Should I pack it this early? I’ve found a lot of great lists (this one and this one (which isn’t so much like a hospital list but a to do list)), and about 5 trillion lists on my phone. I keep referencing the lists at least twice, if not three times a week. At this point you’d think I’d have it memorized, but I just don’t know!

So, I’m taking the plunge and starting to pack the bag now. And by starting to pack the bag, I mean I’ve identified the bag, and I have some clothes sitting on a chair and I bought BB laundry detergent.  I’m really on my A-game!

I purchased Meyers baby laundry detergent. I since have learned I can just use ALL (the one without dyes, or smells or anything), so money saving tip number one!

Since it’s Christmas time and apparently the only acceptable gift to give to women (according to Target) are PJ sets, I bought a PJ set to wear in the hospital (Treat yourself!). I also bought boy cut underwear since I’ve read that’s the most helpful thing after delivery. Odd’s are I’ll have to buy more, one pack just won’t cut it.

Other things on my list to pack are:

  • A towel from home (because hospital towels are poor)
  • Colored pillowcase (so the hospital doesn’t confuse my white with their white)
  • Eye Mask (Still need to purchase, probably will help at home with someone and their insistence on watching TV before going to bed)
  • Nursing sleep bra (still need to purchase, along with 50 other nursing bras)
  • Nursing pads (got em!)
  • Boppy (got it)
  • Copies of birth plan and phone numbers
  • Outfits for BB to come home in (clothes, jacket, wraps, mittens, hat)

Other things that I will probably pack the day of: toiletries, robe, change of clothes for leaving the hospital (new outfit–I wish…), headphones, notepad, shirt to have for labor to bring home to the dogs, camera, iPhone charger, sanity, etc.

See, even looking at that list I’m like THERE IS SO MUCH MISSING. I doubt I’ll ever get the hang of this.

photo (3)
I tried to hide my bump in this dress..yeah, not happening.

BBT this week.

How Far Along: 31 weeks. I’m officially at the point of seeing my doctor every two weeks.
Size of Baby: A pineapple. I feel like all the length and weight app dates are the same as  3 weeks ago, so basically maybe the baby weighs 3.5 lbs and maybe shim’s 18 inches long.
Total Weight Gain:  As of last week 20lbs total. From the front you can’t tell, from the side, hello baby.
Symptoms: I really can’t complain about anything this week. It’s getting harder to put on stockings/pants/socks. I told Phil this morning he’s going to have to start putting on my socks for me. I think I’m starting nesting because all I can see is dirt and things that need to be picked up everywhere. Braxton Hicks are strong at night. And no sleep. I wake up at 3 am every day for like a good hour.
Eats: Same as last week. Nothing exciting. Just small portions. I ate A TON of soup last week, and I might be a little over soup. (noooo!)
Best moment of the week: Capturing baby on video. Moving like crazy. Looks like an alien.
What I’m looking forward to: Trip to St. Louis this weekend to see my family! I love, love, LOVE, St. Louis in the winter time–because everything is so Christmasy and perfect.
Milestones: All five senses are fully developed. Major brain development. Which duh, with a dad like Phil this kid is going to be pretty dang smart. Irises now react to light–if I shine a flashlight on the belly it would squirm. So it’s just getting fatter for the next nine weeks. gulp. Oh, and this kid has the hiccups all the time. Which my mom told me I had hiccups 90% of the time too–soo turns out we are related?

Two Hands!

Well the countdown has begun. We are on to two hands. 30 weeks. 10 weeks to go.


Everyone keeps asking us if we are ready and I’m like..I think? I suppose? Ready as we’ll ever be? My surrogate RVA mom told me this week that all babies need are a mom, a boob, and some blankets. So, I’ve got all those things plus a package of newborn diapers. We just might make it after all.

I had my first shower this weekend with just my girlfriends. It was great! I truly have the best group of girlfriends in the entire world.

Me and my hostesses: Roper and AG
Mimosa Bar

( I might have another post with more pictures, I’m just waiting for my gal pals to send them to me)

I could have cried over everything that I received and all that love that was “showered” on us and BBT. I got all the necessities! Diaper cream, a bath tub, the boppy (!), feeding chair, breast milk storage, plus a million other things. Like this snot sucker outer. Which is apparently THE BEST nasal cleaner on the market at the time. The other really neat thing was that the hostesses asked for no cards and instead everyone bring a book. I got a lot of the necessities (Dr. Seuss, Where the Wild Things Are, Good Night moon, etc), but I also got a lot of books I had never heard of that were classics! The Little Prince is one that I’m really looking forward to reading with the wee one. I think the best book I received, based on the irony alone was this one:

image_6 this was my reaction: IMG_8377
My favorite gift, by far, the one that caused me to break into tears of happiness/sobs/whatevers was this gift from one my closest friends Mandy:

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose

I started watching Friday Night Lights in October and became obsessed. It was the best show ever created. This onesie just made me have all the emotions and stuff.

Phil and I threw a Christmas Party on Friday night–people didn’t leave until 3:30 am. So it was a success? Here is our house looking festive and us looking festive:

image image_2 image_3 image_4 image_5
Baby Updates:

How Far Along: 30 weeks.
Size of Baby: A cabbage. The baby is huge. Weighs about 3 lbs and is probably close to 18 inches long. Supposedly in the next few weeks the baby will pack on more pounds than inches.
Total Weight Gain:  Zero since last time! I weigh 156 still which has me at 21.5 lbs total weight gain. With 10 weeks go to I’d say I’m doing a really good job.
Symptoms: I am giving up on breathing. It’s just impossible. And it frustrates me that I can’t walk up and down the stairs without needing to take a five minute breather.
Eats: I don’t have cravings anymore, but I have I can’t eat anymore. I’m back to August where I needed to eat only small amount of foods. No more big meals for me. Which is fine, but also kind of wasteful :/
Best moment of the week: This weekend. The Party on Friday and the Baby Shower on Saturday. It was so great to be surrounded by so many of our closest friends. (Let me just gush more about how loved we feel).
What I’m looking forward to: A little bit of decorating this weekend and seeing the 1975 on Saturday.
Milestones: Baby’s brain is growing, so less weight gain this week. As of Friday the baby is head down, but the midwife said not to get too concerned with that because it still has 10 weeks to wiggle around and settle into position.  The baby is shedding some hair (just like Hatteras!) but growing the hair on it’s head. I was bald. Odds are so will this kid. And it has the hiccups A LOT due to the air sacs inside the lungs and it practicing it’s breathing.

Peanut Allergies

I’ve convinced myself that if I eat enough peanuts during pregnancy my child will become immune to peanuts. Not sure if you know this, but peanut allergy is a scary–scary–scary thing! Over the past few years I’ve become very conscience of what is actually in our food and….

it’s disgusting.

Packaged and processed food really grosses me out. The capitalism of the food industry really bothers me. How can we make food cheaper? Oh. Chemicals. And fake things. And gross things. And –just note to self, never shop the aisles of the grocery store. Just shop the perimeters. And the organic aisle–(even that can be tricky). I went to a conference a few months ago and it was so eye opening. Why should food with four ingredients (most of which you can pronounce) cost more than the food with 27 ingredients (of which two you can pronounce, one probably being water)?  Then, the peanut allergy hit home when I watched this TedTalk (it’s long and it’s worth it). A startling  majority of things in our food, are actually banned in other (smarter) countries.

Anyway back to peanuts.

Early in my pregnancy, I read about a girl who had a peanut allergy and died–EVEN THOUGH SHE HAD HER EPI PEN! What a nightmare!

And then I realized peanuts are in everything that tastes good. Also, peanuts are in virtually everything. Hence, why you can’t bring homemade goods to kids classrooms anymore and there are peanut free zoned schools. Peanuts are deadly (to some) and we have to be more careful.

Did you know these facts about peanut allergies?

  • More than 3 million people in the US are allergic.
  • Rates of peanut allergies in children have tripled between 1997 and 2008 (Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology)
  • You can find peanuts anywhere: cereals, salad dressings, sauces, soup mixes, and cake icing to name a few. Here’s a list of more.

So as a non allergic, peanut butter loving, baby carrying mama–I have a small (teeny, tiny) fear that I’ll have a kid that has a peanut allergy. On the one hand, peanut allergies tend to run in families. So plus one for us (because we don’t have any). Also, while breastfeeding I can still eat peanuts.

The March of Dimes reports that in 2008 there was a 10-fold greater risk of a peanut allergy in children who did not eat peanuts in infancy or early childhood.

So what’s a pregnant lady to do? Well–I  found no information on the internet that I feel comfortable quoting that is in favor of eating peanuts during pregnancy. I mean, I found reports, but the studies were from the Daily Mail or WebMD, and if there’s anything Dr. Husband has taught me–it’s those are unreliable sources.

So I figure, if I continue to eat peanuts/peanut butter it will be introduced to my kids immune system sooner–and he/she won’t be allergic.

Makes sense right?

I encourage everyone to take a look and really learn what you are eating. It’s a really gross world out there.


It’s all quiet (except for my belly!)

Prepare for your mailboxes to be inundated with posts. I’ve had 4 saved in my draft folder and then I got really lazy and preoccupied and I’m so sorry.

I’ve been preoccupied with reading–I’m a stickler for those lists that are like 20 books you should read before your 30, 1001 books to read before you die. So because the clock is ticking and I know that I’m never going to read again once this BB is born, I’ve become obsessed with reading and checking off my list. The first list I started with was 20 books for 20 year olds. Over the past 3 weeks I’ve read:

1. The Catcher in the Rye–I never had to read it in high school. My mother always tells me it’s a must read coming of age book. I found it to be a very quick read, but I also found Holden Caulfield to be absolutely boring. And The Original Hipster.
2. The Kite Runner–don’t do it. Was it wonderfully written? Yes. Did I hate everyone in the book? Yes. If only this one guy had stopped/had the courage to do this one thing, then the book would have never been written and I wouldn’t be reminded about evil people in the world. —what? You don’t believe in everything that you read? meh.
3. Cutting for Stone–also don’t do it. I mean what? Was there even a story line here? The only good thing about it was that the book is about surgeons so it gave me things to talk about with Phil. Like–is he ever scared when he operates? How does he feel when is about to cut into someone? know, deep stuff
4. Fierce Invalids Home from Hot ClimatesNo. No. Absolutely No–don’t suffer like I did.
5. The Bell Jar–Holy Shit. Ho-ly Sheeeet. This book changed my life. I mean. Where was this book when I was 24?? This is the most must read book I’ve ever read. It’s brilliant.
6. She’s Come Undone–So this book was recommended because it was written by a man from a females perspective. #cool. But no. Another horrible character, and also–the book throws in LITERALLY every single taboo out there (rape, divorce, abortion, AIDS, lesbian love affairs–it was just so gross (not gross because of lesbians but gross because the main character was a terrible human being).
7. The Fountainhead–I’m currently reading this book now, and I must say, as much as Ayn Rand scares me. I can’t believe how much I’m falling in love with this book. It is amazing. I strongly recommend it–especially if you have any soul.

What I am finding is that the main character in most of these books is absolutely abhorrent and it’s rare that I will like any of them. I have five more books to go and then I can move onto another list. Maybe something lighter. Like books you should read before you are 10.

I had a wonderful visit with my family in Pennsylvania. It was so great to see everyone and be pampered. You can tell that my dad is going to love being a grandaddy-o. Phil had a boring Thanksgiving at the hospital.

Funny Story:

So I’ve been really concerned with training our dogs for the baby. Saturday I decided to put the stroller together and take them on a practice run. They were great. I mean, it does not get better than that! I think they were afraid of the stroller, so it worked in my favor. So we get home. I let them go on the porch. I drag the stroller on the porch. Go to take the collars off–when all of a sudden. Big. Huge. Crash. I turn around. The stroller is laying on it’s side three feet from the stairs because I didn’t put it on the porch all the way. So, apparently I’m the one who needs training?!

That’s about it for us this week! I’ll probably be posting something everyday to play catch up! Here’s a peak at our family portraits!

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How Far Along: 29 weeks. We are a week away from being able to do this count down on my hands!
Size of Baby: Winter Squash. Which the picture looks like a pumpkin. And I do look like I have a pumpkin in my belly. BBT is about 15 inches long and weighs 2.5 lbs. It’s a squirmy little thing and much more active this week than I remember it being. It also likes to hover on my bladder. (Thanks!)
Total Weight Gain:  I haven’t ran since the 8k. I haven’t weighed myself since 11/20. I don’t know. I’ll find out on Friday.
Symptoms: The inability to breathe. Was walking upstairs always this hard? Seriously? And getting out of my car–was my bag always this heavy?
Eats: I’m pretty even keel at the moment.
Best moment of the week: Really wish I could share this with you–but someone told me my writing samples were perfect! (which, ha-ha!)
What I’m looking forward to: Christmas Party on Friday and First baby shower on Saturday!
Milestones: Pretty much just growing. Skin is getting less wrinkly, eyeballs can respond to light (haven’t tried the flashlight trick yet!) And just a little bundle of energy. I am so grateful for such an easy pregnancy–I hope that travels over to an easy baby!