It’s all quiet (except for my belly!)

Prepare for your mailboxes to be inundated with posts. I’ve had 4 saved in my draft folder and then I got really lazy and preoccupied and I’m so sorry.

I’ve been preoccupied with reading–I’m a stickler for those lists that are like 20 books you should read before your 30, 1001 books to read before you die. So because the clock is ticking and I know that I’m never going to read again once this BB is born, I’ve become obsessed with reading and checking off my list. The first list I started with was 20 books for 20 year olds. Over the past 3 weeks I’ve read:

1. The Catcher in the Rye–I never had to read it in high school. My mother always tells me it’s a must read coming of age book. I found it to be a very quick read, but I also found Holden Caulfield to be absolutely boring. And The Original Hipster.
2. The Kite Runner–don’t do it. Was it wonderfully written? Yes. Did I hate everyone in the book? Yes. If only this one guy had stopped/had the courage to do this one thing, then the book would have never been written and I wouldn’t be reminded about evil people in the world. —what? You don’t believe in everything that you read? meh.
3. Cutting for Stone–also don’t do it. I mean what? Was there even a story line here? The only good thing about it was that the book is about surgeons so it gave me things to talk about with Phil. Like–is he ever scared when he operates? How does he feel when is about to cut into someone? know, deep stuff
4. Fierce Invalids Home from Hot ClimatesNo. No. Absolutely No–don’t suffer like I did.
5. The Bell Jar–Holy Shit. Ho-ly Sheeeet. This book changed my life. I mean. Where was this book when I was 24?? This is the most must read book I’ve ever read. It’s brilliant.
6. She’s Come Undone–So this book was recommended because it was written by a man from a females perspective. #cool. But no. Another horrible character, and also–the book throws in LITERALLY every single taboo out there (rape, divorce, abortion, AIDS, lesbian love affairs–it was just so gross (not gross because of lesbians but gross because the main character was a terrible human being).
7. The Fountainhead–I’m currently reading this book now, and I must say, as much as Ayn Rand scares me. I can’t believe how much I’m falling in love with this book. It is amazing. I strongly recommend it–especially if you have any soul.

What I am finding is that the main character in most of these books is absolutely abhorrent and it’s rare that I will like any of them. I have five more books to go and then I can move onto another list. Maybe something lighter. Like books you should read before you are 10.

I had a wonderful visit with my family in Pennsylvania. It was so great to see everyone and be pampered. You can tell that my dad is going to love being a grandaddy-o. Phil had a boring Thanksgiving at the hospital.

Funny Story:

So I’ve been really concerned with training our dogs for the baby. Saturday I decided to put the stroller together and take them on a practice run. They were great. I mean, it does not get better than that! I think they were afraid of the stroller, so it worked in my favor. So we get home. I let them go on the porch. I drag the stroller on the porch. Go to take the collars off–when all of a sudden. Big. Huge. Crash. I turn around. The stroller is laying on it’s side three feet from the stairs because I didn’t put it on the porch all the way. So, apparently I’m the one who needs training?!

That’s about it for us this week! I’ll probably be posting something everyday to play catch up! Here’s a peak at our family portraits!

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How Far Along: 29 weeks. We are a week away from being able to do this count down on my hands!
Size of Baby: Winter Squash. Which the picture looks like a pumpkin. And I do look like I have a pumpkin in my belly. BBT is about 15 inches long and weighs 2.5 lbs. It’s a squirmy little thing and much more active this week than I remember it being. It also likes to hover on my bladder. (Thanks!)
Total Weight Gain:  I haven’t ran since the 8k. I haven’t weighed myself since 11/20. I don’t know. I’ll find out on Friday.
Symptoms: The inability to breathe. Was walking upstairs always this hard? Seriously? And getting out of my car–was my bag always this heavy?
Eats: I’m pretty even keel at the moment.
Best moment of the week: Really wish I could share this with you–but someone told me my writing samples were perfect! (which, ha-ha!)
What I’m looking forward to: Christmas Party on Friday and First baby shower on Saturday!
Milestones: Pretty much just growing. Skin is getting less wrinkly, eyeballs can respond to light (haven’t tried the flashlight trick yet!) And just a little bundle of energy. I am so grateful for such an easy pregnancy–I hope that travels over to an easy baby!


6 thoughts on “It’s all quiet (except for my belly!)

  1. Stefanie

    The Bell Jar is one of those books I’ve read 3-4 times. It’s just THAT good.

    Also, from that main list Me Talk Pretty One Day is a great is any David Sedaris book for that matter.

    1. melissaraetaylor

      Anything I didn’t list from their are books that I already read 🙂 Loved Me Talk Pretty someday. Especially about his time in France!

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