Two Hands!

Well the countdown has begun. We are on to two hands. 30 weeks. 10 weeks to go.


Everyone keeps asking us if we are ready and I’m like..I think? I suppose? Ready as we’ll ever be? My surrogate RVA mom told me this week that all babies need are a mom, a boob, and some blankets. So, I’ve got all those things plus a package of newborn diapers. We just might make it after all.

I had my first shower this weekend with just my girlfriends. It was great! I truly have the best group of girlfriends in the entire world.

Me and my hostesses: Roper and AG
Mimosa Bar

( I might have another post with more pictures, I’m just waiting for my gal pals to send them to me)

I could have cried over everything that I received and all that love that was “showered” on us and BBT. I got all the necessities! Diaper cream, a bath tub, the boppy (!), feeding chair, breast milk storage, plus a million other things. Like this snot sucker outer. Which is apparently THE BEST nasal cleaner on the market at the time. The other really neat thing was that the hostesses asked for no cards and instead everyone bring a book. I got a lot of the necessities (Dr. Seuss, Where the Wild Things Are, Good Night moon, etc), but I also got a lot of books I had never heard of that were classics! The Little Prince is one that I’m really looking forward to reading with the wee one. I think the best book I received, based on the irony alone was this one:

image_6 this was my reaction: IMG_8377
My favorite gift, by far, the one that caused me to break into tears of happiness/sobs/whatevers was this gift from one my closest friends Mandy:

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose

I started watching Friday Night Lights in October and became obsessed. It was the best show ever created. This onesie just made me have all the emotions and stuff.

Phil and I threw a Christmas Party on Friday night–people didn’t leave until 3:30 am. So it was a success? Here is our house looking festive and us looking festive:

image image_2 image_3 image_4 image_5
Baby Updates:

How Far Along: 30 weeks.
Size of Baby: A cabbage. The baby is huge. Weighs about 3 lbs and is probably close to 18 inches long. Supposedly in the next few weeks the baby will pack on more pounds than inches.
Total Weight Gain:  Zero since last time! I weigh 156 still which has me at 21.5 lbs total weight gain. With 10 weeks go to I’d say I’m doing a really good job.
Symptoms: I am giving up on breathing. It’s just impossible. And it frustrates me that I can’t walk up and down the stairs without needing to take a five minute breather.
Eats: I don’t have cravings anymore, but I have I can’t eat anymore. I’m back to August where I needed to eat only small amount of foods. No more big meals for me. Which is fine, but also kind of wasteful :/
Best moment of the week: This weekend. The Party on Friday and the Baby Shower on Saturday. It was so great to be surrounded by so many of our closest friends. (Let me just gush more about how loved we feel).
What I’m looking forward to: A little bit of decorating this weekend and seeing the 1975 on Saturday.
Milestones: Baby’s brain is growing, so less weight gain this week. As of Friday the baby is head down, but the midwife said not to get too concerned with that because it still has 10 weeks to wiggle around and settle into position.  The baby is shedding some hair (just like Hatteras!) but growing the hair on it’s head. I was bald. Odds are so will this kid. And it has the hiccups A LOT due to the air sacs inside the lungs and it practicing it’s breathing.


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