78% Complete

I mean it’s nothing but countdown time.

Would love to enlighten you all with exciting moments since the last update, but not much has happened– it’s been a really mellow week (thankfully!).

Last week I was as lazy as I could possibly be to make up for being crazy busy the week before. I would like to say that I caught up on sleep–but I literally did nothing. Oh! I did laundry.

One thing that’s really been weighing on my mind is packing the hospital bag. How much is too much? What if I forget something? Should I pack it this early? I’ve found a lot of great lists (this one and this one (which isn’t so much like a hospital list but a to do list)), and about 5 trillion lists on my phone. I keep referencing the lists at least twice, if not three times a week. At this point you’d think I’d have it memorized, but I just don’t know!

So, I’m taking the plunge and starting to pack the bag now. And by starting to pack the bag, I mean I’ve identified the bag, and I have some clothes sitting on a chair and I bought BB laundry detergent.  I’m really on my A-game!

I purchased Meyers baby laundry detergent. I since have learned I can just use ALL (the one without dyes, or smells or anything), so money saving tip number one!

Since it’s Christmas time and apparently the only acceptable gift to give to women (according to Target) are PJ sets, I bought a PJ set to wear in the hospital (Treat yourself!). I also bought boy cut underwear since I’ve read that’s the most helpful thing after delivery. Odd’s are I’ll have to buy more, one pack just won’t cut it.

Other things on my list to pack are:

  • A towel from home (because hospital towels are poor)
  • Colored pillowcase (so the hospital doesn’t confuse my white with their white)
  • Eye Mask (Still need to purchase, probably will help at home with someone and their insistence on watching TV before going to bed)
  • Nursing sleep bra (still need to purchase, along with 50 other nursing bras)
  • Nursing pads (got em!)
  • Boppy (got it)
  • Copies of birth plan and phone numbers
  • Outfits for BB to come home in (clothes, jacket, wraps, mittens, hat)

Other things that I will probably pack the day of: toiletries, robe, change of clothes for leaving the hospital (new outfit–I wish…), headphones, notepad, shirt to have for labor to bring home to the dogs, camera, iPhone charger, sanity, etc.

See, even looking at that list I’m like THERE IS SO MUCH MISSING. I doubt I’ll ever get the hang of this.

photo (3)
I tried to hide my bump in this dress..yeah, not happening.

BBT this week.

How Far Along: 31 weeks. I’m officially at the point of seeing my doctor every two weeks.
Size of Baby: A pineapple. I feel like all the length and weight app dates are the same as  3 weeks ago, so basically maybe the baby weighs 3.5 lbs and maybe shim’s 18 inches long.
Total Weight Gain:  As of last week 20lbs total. From the front you can’t tell, from the side, hello baby.
Symptoms: I really can’t complain about anything this week. It’s getting harder to put on stockings/pants/socks. I told Phil this morning he’s going to have to start putting on my socks for me. I think I’m starting nesting because all I can see is dirt and things that need to be picked up everywhere. Braxton Hicks are strong at night. And no sleep. I wake up at 3 am every day for like a good hour.
Eats: Same as last week. Nothing exciting. Just small portions. I ate A TON of soup last week, and I might be a little over soup. (noooo!)
Best moment of the week: Capturing baby on video. Moving like crazy. Looks like an alien.
What I’m looking forward to: Trip to St. Louis this weekend to see my family! I love, love, LOVE, St. Louis in the winter time–because everything is so Christmasy and perfect.
Milestones: All five senses are fully developed. Major brain development. Which duh, with a dad like Phil this kid is going to be pretty dang smart. Irises now react to light–if I shine a flashlight on the belly it would squirm. So it’s just getting fatter for the next nine weeks. gulp. Oh, and this kid has the hiccups all the time. Which my mom told me I had hiccups 90% of the time too–soo turns out we are related?


4 thoughts on “78% Complete

  1. I always suggest snacks for the hospital bag! Either for your hubby during labor or for you during your hospital stay. Hospital food can be less than stellar and I found myself to be hungry often. It was nice to have granola bars to grab real quick.

  2. Stefanie

    Little tip for you…most brands carry a free & clear detergent now…Target even has their own brand. You’re just looking for something dye/scent free really. Don’t fall into the “made especially for baby” trap! The Target brand is just Up & Up Unscented. Addison has ridiculously sensitive skin PLUS a pretty severe case of eczema and this stuff has never irritated her. Also, wash the car seat/swing/whatever else cover before the baby makes his/her debut. They can spray some nasty things on that stuff before shipping.

  3. Katie

    I was going to suggest the All free/clear! And your own towels!! Bring all your favorite shower stuff…once your finally able to shower (yes…you have to wait!!) it’s the best damn shower of your life…and possibly the last real private one you’ll ever get in your life 😉 With that…flip flops for the shower!

    Other than that – you sound like you got it covered! Relax and if you forget something…someone can always bring it to you!!

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