It happened!!

I’ve reached the stages of now understanding why pregnancy is miserable. Luckily, I only have 5.5 more weeks, but oh my goodness.

For the past 5 days, every day starting at 2 pm. There is a butt? foot? leg? Don’t think it’s a head because the baby was confirmed head down like four times, but could be–lodged underneath my right lung. I can’t sit at my desk comfortably, I can’t breath, I can’t move, I can’t, can’t, can’t do anything. And then 4 hours later when I get home–whatever annoyance was there, moves. I can’t even describe the feeling. It feels like a lot of pressure underneath my right lung, not a bruise, but just a definite discomfort. If I take a deep breath and sigh, I am relieved for like five seconds. If I LEAN into my right side, I get some mild comfort back, but the leaning is not comfortable.

I am down to two pairs of tights. My maternity jeans no longer fit. I can wear some of my old/looser jeans completely unzipped and open with the band and another spandex top. But, that’s a lot of spandex (which maybe that’s why I have pressure underneath my lung??). And I grunt a lot. Sigh a lot. Make noises a lot.

I am done. Just over it. Baby can come any time now (not really).

I hired a maid last night. I officially feel like I am a real doctors wife now. She is going to come every three weeks and do the DEEP cleans, baseboards, fans, bathrooms, kitchens, and all the other stuff that I just won’t do. I don’t know how long we will keep her, but she will be a necessity the first four months. Plus she seems super nice, and reasonable so, maybe that’s the reason we did such a good job of saving money (silver lining). Clean house = peace of mind.

Phil had his first interview at the Mayo Clinic today. It was -4 degrees. So–maybe that one isn’t MY number one choice. Maybe Florida is starting to look better? Because of that I don’t have a picture for you all this week.

But updates for this little 34 week old munchkin are: 5.5 lbs. 17.72 inches. (which I know for a fact these legs are LONG, the reach from one side of my body to the other). Digestive system is fully working, Shim is peeing up to a pint of fluid a day (and I am peeing 7x’s that). The placenta is starting to age this week which means, it’s almost baby time. Could survive if delivered today, but let’s let shim stick around and get some baby fat and lung maturity on it.


4 thoughts on “It happened!!

    1. melissaraetaylor

      This pressure thing is honestly the worst thing I’ve gone through. I’m just physically uncomfortable! 5.5 more weeks to go!

    1. melissaraetaylor

      Rochester, MN. It’s still in process. But we have 7 more places to interview and we won’t know until April where we go.

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