Is January over yet?

I refuse to let my child be born in what I consider to be the worst month, in the history of my life.

So you read last week’s post. And you read the week before that. NOTHING POSITIVE.  Well in the time that it took me to post last week’s post and this week’s post, we’ve had even more JOYOUS news.

1) Polar Vortex. Go away. It’s cold. My dogs can’t be outside in the cold and they have cabin fever. So PLEASE bring the on the sixty degree weather. Richmond had 2 inches of snow and virtually shut down because the temperature hasn’t risen above 20 degrees. Except for today! It was a balmy 50. Almost bikini season!

2) On Wednesday, 3 days after I went into labor that stopped, my doula called and cancelled. CANCELLED. Did not provide me with a reason (well TECHNICALLY, she did say it was family stuff, but if I’m due in 3 weeks–I’m gonna go ahead and say, she got scared and didn’t want to do it) . She did not provide me with a back up–sure, she gave me a list of people to call, but 3.5 weeks before this child (who is already trying to make an early appearance) is born–YOU should be finding me a replacement. Not me.

3)Because of number 1, I came home Thursday night, whilst Phil was still in Tampa to find my downstairs room flooded. Mind you, I just was patting myself on the back for hiring maids who made my house look/smell amazing, and it was so worth the money. And I came home to a flooded basement. Nine months pregnant, with ice on the street and dogs that need to go outside because they’ve been at the vet all day, and my pipe has burst and the water is everywhere, and MY HUSBAND IS IN FLORIDA. Oh, we also decided not to shovel the sidewalks because Phil was leaving for Tampa, and I’m lazy/pregnant. So when I finally found the valve to turn off the water, the main water pipe was frozen so I couldn’t turn it off by hand or with a tool. Luckily, I have amazing neighbors. He turned off our water, and brought over his shop vac and got all the water out of the basement, and the plumber came and fixed it that night. But I did not want to deal with that because..

4) D has still not expelled her underwear. I think it’s happening today. We haven’t taken her to the vet (so please refrain from telling me I should, I know I should, but she’s eating, drinking, going to the bathroom, and playing on her own,  she’s just not releasing those from her body. Today’s the day, I can feel it. Phil can feel it. If she doesn’t by Saturday then I will take her to the vet). So I’ve been spending everyday with D worrying, exasperating Phil because he’s not worried, and probably causing more stress on myself than necessary. (Update: As of 1/28/2014 she has “returned” three pairs, and a million paper towels. We are just waiting on two more pairs. So I’m even less worried about it now.)

With all that here are all my silver linings:

1) Polar Vortex allowed me to stay home from work last Wednesday, so I got a little more Phil time. And D wasn’t home alone.
2) I found a replacement Doula, who I actually like a lot more than the first one because she seems a bit more hands on, a bit more knowledgeable, a bit more interested, and just all around a better fit for us. This is her website .
3) We have an AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING plumber. He came that night, found the problem, fixed it for a moment, then came back the next day to finish fixing it, and only charged us $85 because he didn’t fix it the first day. I mean! He came at 7 pm at night, in the ice, to fix a leak, stayed for 3 hours, and came back the next day, and only charged us for one day because it was his fault he couldn’t fix it that night.
4) I don’t know what the silver lining is here. Proof that I’m going to be a good mother because I worry about my dog and I’m trying to do everything to make her better? I currently have a compromise with her and baby that is, this baby can’t come out until those underwear come out. So me thinks that D is keeping them in because she doesn’t want to stop being the baby anymore. Maybe that’s her plan?

In Baby News:

My work threw me a shower today, which 100% surprised me and I got the last of my big purchases! We got the mamaroo!! I was this close to buying it today, and now I don’t have to. So the house is officially ready for Baby Taylor. I don’t know if the people and animals inside of it are ready, but as far as being baby ready, we got this thing covered. At my appointment on Friday, I felt like the little queen of the Centering Group. I had already gone into labor so I got to share my story with everyone and all the girls were amazing. They kept telling me how strong and great and inspiring my story was. So, now that I’ve gone through it, told the story, prepared myself more, I can have this baby. Well- that and when D decides to poop. Then I can have this baby.

The midwife thinks that Baby T weighs about 7.1 lbs already. I gained 4 lbs in two weeks beginning of January, and have since stayed the same. So I think I really will hit my goal of 170 (I’m 167 now with 3 weeks left to go).

Everyone: Go light a candle, say a prayer, give me some good vibes, so my dog will get this stuff out of her TODAY. K? Thanks! (For those that read this yesterday, thanks for the prayers, just two more to go!)


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