One Month!

It’s hard to imagine that it’s been a month (or so) since Anna was born. It’s been a mix of emotions from “I can’t do this” to “This isn’t so bad” back to “I can’t wait for her to be six months so I can do x, y, or z”.

Last week she started to fit into three month clothes. That was the moment I decided  I would sit in the rocker and never get up because if I didn’t get up than she couldn’t grow and would stay tiny forever. I can’t believe I ever wanted her to be six months. Because at six months that means I’ll be back at work and then I’ll never see her again.

Which led me to my second realization. I use to be in disbelief that when my friends had kids they wouldn’t get a baby sitter to go out, or they would rather stay at home than go out. Well, when you are working that means you basically get five hours of awake time with your kid and then the weekend.  I 100% understand why parents stay at in. I don’t necessarily think I could be a stay at home mom, even if we could afford it, but I would want something where I can be home a little bit more with her. Also–maybe it gets better once I’m at work, and the anxiety I have right now will go away.

Things you should know about Anna:

  • She grunts, a lot, like a pig. Most newborns do this but the first week or so it freaked us out.
  • She smiles all the time. Not from gas. She smiles on her own. She is most famous for smiling RIGHT before she falls asleep. it’s a huge toothless gummy grin from ear to ear. We don’t know what she is thinking about or why she does it, but we love it. This morning I was reading to her before she fell asleep and she had big belly laughs with the smile. (she’s adorable)
  • image_5
  • She likes bath time. By likes I mean, she doesn’t cry, she just looks around big eyed and coos.
  • She likes her alone time. We can place her in her crib, bassinet, or pack and play while she’s awake and she loves to look around and take it all in.
  • image_4
  • She is a true student of The Happiest Baby on the Blog theory. Swaddle her good and she’s quiet, Loud shushing, quiet. Place her on her side and she’s in heaven. Swaying is the way to get her to sleep, and at night she likes her pacifier. (I felt like the biggest failure two weeks ago when we introduced the pacifier, because I didn’t want a kid who was always walking around with a pacifier. But you learn to get over it. It makes her happy and it calms my nerves)
  •  She likes snuggling.
  • image_3
  • We’ve not mastered, but we have gotten better at breastfeeding. It’s not QUITE the ordeal it was. I’ve successfully done it in public four times.
  • She has gained 3 lbs. Becoming a little chunky monkey. She has significant fat rolls in her wrists, arms, and legs. Which is fine. Everyone loves a fat baby.
  • She can recognize my voice.
  • The dogs don’t bother her and I think she likes touching them.
  • She can hold her head up on her own sometimes for a solid ten seconds. Last night she was staring at a boy and I think she held it up for a minute.
  • The Moby wrap is our best friend.
  • image_1
  • She falls asleep the second you put her in the car seat. (Thank god for that)
  • Knock on wood but she’s a really easy baby. She sleeps when she’s supposed to (USUALLY), she eats when she needs to on a 2.5/3 hour schedule. and she really only cries right before she eats. I’ve heard some stories about other babies and I consider myself very lucky.

So that’s Anna.

Phil is on vacation this week so we are going to do zero things but hang out and enjoy our time.



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