An Outlet

It’s been three months since I’ve posted (because I have a baby and I’ve been trying to do a zillion other things in my spare time). I’m sorry. Most of you all know us, so you get updates via Facebook or Instagram and for that we are thankful.

But I’m taking to the blogospheres today to ask for your prayers, lights, hope, good juju, everything for a sweet little boy named Hugo.

Hugo turned one just two weeks ago.


This kid is adorable. And a fighter. You see just a few days after his birthday he was diagnosed with a very rare, very aggressive form of cancer (AT/RT). Science makes the outcome look grim, but for once I’m trying to throw science out the door and believe that miracles do happen. That with the right resources, right minds, and hope–success will prevail.

So shine your light; light some candles; say some prayers because the Canada’s and Hugo need the whole world behind them.

I believe that Hugo will be the miracle doctors talk about for months. If you want to help out this family they are going to have a long, rough, journey ahead of them. The little guy started Chemo today. He will be moving to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital soon (looking at you Ohio family!) .

If you can give this is his donation link .

If you want to follow his journey, here is his facebook page.

Anyway–this is my hope and giving it forward. I have thought of very little else except for this little boy and his family. I have held Anna a little closer each night, snuggled a little longer, and enjoyed each moment with her ten times more than I had the moment before. We never think it will happen to us, and we never want it to be us. So for now, keep the good juju and thoughts coming for this baby.

Anna and I appreciate it!



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