Little Fish, Little Fish

Let me just say that it has been a LONG, LONG, LONG 21 days.

Phil has been on call the past three weekends,leaving Anna and I alone–which is not as awful as I’m making it sound, but sometimes, I just want/need/have to have a break. He’s home one day a weekend, but that counts for nothing except sleeping. So needless to say, everyone is tired, and cranky and short fused (except for Anna). Thankfully, reinforcement (grandparents and family) are coming into town this weekend. I just need a moment to not entertain her and like, clean my baseboards.

In other exciting news: this has been the summer of swimming. We have been exploiting our  many friends (and Yia-Yia) for pool time. She loves it. She mostly hangs out in her raft, or I’ll hold her and spin her around, she really has taken to the water like a little fish.  She kick, kick, kicks, and laps up the water (gross). I won’t mind attending swim meets if that’s the path she chooses, much better than soccer in my opinion. So far I have put her under water (briefly), or I splash water on her head. I want her to get use to it and not scream in the water. Or maybe it’s small torture, who knows. She survives and she keeps getting in the pool.

Also, note to all moms of daughters–don’t buy a one piece. Why didn’t anyone warn me? Pulling it on, taking it off, diaper, changing, needs to be dry..ugh. I wish I just went with the bikini. Some days we just wear the swimmers because I can’t handle the stress of dressing her.

image (2)
Diva in traning
image (3)
Who is that baby? It must be someone very important if she has to be so covered up. No pictures please.

image (4) image (1) image

This is seriously all just more reason for me to tell Phil to let us have a pool in our forever home. When we get that. Although, I don’t want the fear of having a child drowning in a pool on my shoulders, so maybe we will just get pool memberships?

Hatteras has finally opened up to Anna. Well, I say open up and mean, understood that she’s not going to eat him and won’t be coming after him for attention all the time. He’s started just laying next to her and protecting. And she likes to take handfuls of his hair. He doesn’t mind as long as his butt is being scratched. Whatever floats your boat dude.

image (5) image (6) image (7)

And finally. This kid loves to drink water. It’s insane. She laps it like a dog, but cracks us up. I can’t handle it. She’s so entertaining.
If you put a glass in front of her she starts kicking, and reaching, and squealing, and then throws her whole body into drinking. It’s insanely adorable.

image (8)

There she is. The happy baby. Squish!