Raising a Kid in such a dark world.

I know some of the people who follow this blog have different views than I do. Some strikingly different views. I am not here to say what’s right (my opinion), what’s wrong (everyone else’s). This post is honestly, not up for discussion. My heart is saddened by people who can’t look at the big picture here. Last night’s events are not about one man. They are not about this boy. They are about all of the black men in our society. It is about racism. I can say that as a white person who will never, ever, EVER, know what it is like to walk down the street and think twice about how someone looked at me. It’s about jumping to conclusions because of fear in our hearts.

These are some better worded things that friends of mine have written that I need to share, because this is how I feel:

from http://www.emilyshollow.com

“I am going to vote for leaders who will not tolerate institutional racism.

I am going to take jury duty seriously-this! Above anything This please!

I am going to talk to my children about race. Not just now, but always. Not to scare or shame, but to teach.

I am going to make sure that my children know what privilege is,  what racism is, and what they can do to stop it.

I will not let it be OK.

I will keep doing whatever I can to support justice and fairness and kindness and love.

When I learn about something new that I can do, I’ll do that, too.”

From AG:

“A young man died a violent death, and that is a tragedy. You may think that Darren Wilson made the best decision he could in a bad situation, you may not. But if your response today is to gloat instead of to feel solemn, then I feel very, very sad for you”

From Twitter friends:

“*black man is shot* it was his own fault

girl is raped* she was asking for it

*white boy shoots up a school* he’s disturbed & needs help”

“@chrisrock: Doesn’t take 100 days to decide if murder is a crime, it takes 100 days to figure out how to tell people it isn’t……

“Over a cigarillo; over a toy gun; over a darkened hallway; over loud music; over skittles and iced tea; over a wallet, we can be killed.”

“Just an FYI: when cops kill unarmed civilians and face no justice it puts every American – white and black – at greater risk”

“”As tragic as this is, it wasn’t a crime.” If shooting a wounded unarmed teen is not a crime then maybe it fucking should be.

“Mike Vick’s dogs got more justice.”

“Rarely been so horrified to be so unsurprised.”

People need to look beyond CNN, Fox News, and whatever news forum you participate in. There are real people, using social media daily, to update you with what’s really going on. This is a sad day. This is a very sad day. Too many lives taken way too soon.

Updated:  I honestly just don’t even know. I feel sorry for his parents. They lost their son, their baby. I feel sorry that people are victim shaming. “Well if he was taught not to steal, then this wouldn’t have happened.” You know what? I’m sure his parents did teach him not to steal, just like my parents taught me not to steal. But guess what, I still stole. Nothing big, but on the same scale of cigars. A lip gloss here, some earrings there. There was some twisted rush you got of doing it, and then walking out of the store not getting caught. I mean, I haven’t done it in YEARS, DECADES, but I did it. Doesn’t mean I didn’t know right from wrong. Also, it’s just. It’s just overwhelmingly sad. And I don’t have the words to properly communicate it. My heart physically hurts for the opposing views, the fact that justice isn’t always justice, and that we must go on, day by day, like this is normal and okay.