Special Olympics Polar Plunge Edition

I’m not going to beat around the bush, this posting is a solicitation for money. Before I get to the point, let me sell you on why you SHOULD give me money.

As you know, I started a new awesome job last September. A real selling point for me was how much importance the leadership puts on giving back to the community and non profit organizations. One organization we are actively involved in is Special Olympics of Virginia. And we are ACTIVELY involved. Last fall, my boss participated in the “Over the Edge” event, which means he rappelled off of a building downtown. I mean, he basically rappelled off the Empire State Building (except 1/3 of that size). And every year we participate in the Polar Plunge. This is when a bunch of CRAZY people run into the Atlantic Ocean. In February. For fun.

So here I am, asking for your help. I’m going to run into the ocean in February. On purpose. Think of this as the original ice bucket challenge. I’m not challenging you to do this with me (because most of you dumped a bucket of ice on your head in the Summer of 2014) but more of a “help me, me help my local community members”!

(and at the same time be glad that you don’t have to run into the water).

Anything helps, truly! And you’re not doing it for me, you’re doing it for these kids.

So, Please help me raise funds and awareness for Special Olympics Virginia by making a secure online donation. Click on the link below:


Thanks in advance! I’ll post pictures I promise.


One thought on “Special Olympics Polar Plunge Edition

  1. Hunter Catlett

    Great job! I have done this for about a dozen years now (we had actual snow and ice a couple of times) and it is a wonderful event. Can’t wait to see you there.

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