Munchkinbutt is One

This time last year I kept telling myself, I’ll never forget how little you are. I’ll never forget how you fit in my arm just so. I’ll never forget the little things you do with your mouth and your face. I’ll never forget how you cried as a baby.

And like all things in life. I forgot.

Because so many other memories came and filled up the space. I do remember:

  • How she use to smile so big right before she went to sleep
  • How she felt when she fell asleep on my chest (even if she hasn’t done in months)
  • How she laughs, and laughs, and laughs
  • Her talkative nature
  • Pointing at everything
  • How happy she is all the time…seriously all the time
  • The never ending trail of drool that seemed to exist all summer long
  • Her crawling on the bed and throwing herself onto and into the pillows
  • How her feet are so ticklish
  • Her demanding nature—wherever did she get that trait?
  • I’ll never forget how she hugs
  • How excited she is when you get her out of her crib in the morning
  • The struggle to roll over and when she finally did.
  • The sleepless nights
  • Followed by the most snuggly nights.

It’s been a year. But it’s been a fun year.

As of today she can walk, crawl, run, and climb stars. She says mama, dada, baby, socks (th-socks), shoes (th-shoes), dog, “roo, roo, roo”, monkey noises, bottle, hello (hu, hu, hu). She loves to play in the water, and read books, but above all she loves to sing and dance. She loves her dogs and her family, and anything soft.

Her favorite foods are strawberries, blueberries, oranges, avocados, cheese, rice, chicken, and bananas.

Her smile is infectious. And her laughter is contagious. She’s a good egg. She’s my egg (quite literally). And she’s been a real delight.

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