March 16, 2013

I’ll be honest. The reason (one of the reasons) I wanted to get married was to have my wedding turn up on a fancy wedding blog. Otherwise, I would have just taken the money and run. I don’t know, something about how I need public validation for the things that I do or something.

So we got married. I got my pictures back. I was heartbroken. They would never, ever, ever end up on someone’s wedding blog. And we had SUCH a good wedding! It was 1920’s! We had a vintage get a way car! We were in a vintage theater. We had all the elements to get into a blog except for a) I’m not type A so I didn’t have as many details as some people have and b) I only hired one photographer to save on money and that was my biggest, BIGGEST, BIGGEST, regret.

However, 2.5 years pass. I talk with a few friends. I realize I don’t hate all my pictures. And you know what? I write a blog. I can show you what our wedding looked like! So that’s just what I will do. For all of you that couldn’t attend, for those of you who want to relive it. And for me, to finally come to terms and to put my wedding on the Internet to my standards. I present my wedding:


Location, location, location. We were married at the newly renovated Hippodrome Theater in Jackson Ward, Richmond, VA. It was VERY COOL. We had the ceremony, cocktail hour, and everything in one place. It was amazing how they were able to transform the whole place for us.


Sneak peek to me showing my girls the BEAUTIFUL wedding dress.

389106_10152815949435319_1546502736_n 931381_10152815949835319_2134712292_n

The Bridal Party.


First Look.

I lie. This is not the first look at all. But I will imagine that it is because that is what I wanted and what I got was just awful.


Phil and I wrote our own vows for the wedding. This was extremely important to me because although we did say the same words that everyone else has said for all the years, we are a different couple. And the best part of the vows were Phil’s obviously

5 words “Who brought the drunk girl?” turned into 3 words “I love you.” Turned into 2 “I do.”

428602_10152815987655319_1556136294_n 603582_10152815992165319_342266802_n

The most important aspect of my wedding was that everyone have fun. And that they did. We hired a DJ that isn’t a wedding DJ but a club DJ. And basically it was like we had Girl Talk at our wedding. Non stop dancing for hours. Plus an open bar with liquor. It was the best.

603617_10152815948700319_1917999421_n 947148_10152815948750319_1450565283_n 247066_10152815949000319_199081343_n 58150_10152815949085319_1092875302_n

And us.


The best part of my wedding that I can’t visually show you was our playlist. I have been working on my wedding soundtrack since I was like in 7th grade. The end result was:

Mother’s Escort: Here Comes The Sun– The Beatles (both of our mothers love the Beatles)
Processional: You’re So Cool- Hans Zimmer (When Phil and I first started dating we watched True Romance like everyday)
My Walk: Everyday- Rogue Wave (Just listen to it, and imagine a bride walking down the aisle)
Recessional: Let My Love Open the door– Peter Townsend

We were introduced to the reception to We Belong – Pat Benetar

First Dance: My Destiny- Lionel Richie (Phil has had this song picked out since high school. It was his one request)
Father Daughter Dance:  Father And Daughter –Paul Simon
Mother Son Dance: You are so Beautiful- Joe Crocker
Father Daughter Dance 2: You’ve got a Friend- James Taylor

And finally, every wedding in our group of friends ends with the Bride and Groom being serenaded to MeatLoaf, “I would do anything for love”, I believe ours was the best. Hands Down.


In fact, I think I might go watch the video. It was the best. I want to remember it.


5 thoughts on “March 16, 2013

  1. Latoya

    Did you have an event planner? If so could you please pass along the information. I am getting married there next year. Love your pictures!!

      1. Latoya

        Thank you. Perhaps you would like to recommend your day of coordinator. If not, I will find someone..thanks again.

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