What all have I been wrong about?

I love my job. I really do, I love being able to research, I love being able to back up facts with science, and I love everything about it. BUT..(of course there is a but)

I am finding out more and more that things I was so passionate about before have been, well, lies. Okay, calling them lies is a wee bit harsh, but I have been one sided. (Fair point, I am only giving you high level talking points and not linking to facts–if you want to converse, then we can).

1. GMO’s: I was anti-GMO forever. And I thought I had all the facts, and then turns out I only had one side, and it was all very misleading. In a nutshell, GMO’s are in everything, majority of them are not going away because they have been so engrained, and also with the exception of like 12 items that we don’t even use, most crops that are GM– are related in nature (like potato a with potato b), and they would have mated anyways. There obviously still need to be studies because even high level scientists can agree that we don’t know all the facts, but it’s just not a fight that I care about anymore. Now that I have seen this side, I’d rather focus my attention and soapbox on other things.

2. Cage free: Granted, I know that cage free could mean nothing more than animals have access to a window, so it’s pretty shitty living conditions anyway, but still, a window! Then come to find out there are studies on pigs that show most prefer to be caged. And cage free actually causes more death because you know..henpecked. And pigs eating their babies. Or having a cow as antibiotic free, so inevitably when the cow does get sick, the farmer ends up selling her or letting her die because he has to adhere to the label. Which then causes prices to go up and blah, blah, that package of 2 chicken breasts is now $30, have a blessed day!

Basically, labeling is bullshit and pulls at emotions rather than facts. Companies stick an “all natural” (ahem, bullshit) sticker on something, and then the consumer is more likely to buy that item rather than the one that doesn’t have it. AND THERE GOES THE ECONOMY AND YOUR WALLET.

Again, this is high level and just the beginning.

But what really has me like….omg, I feel so stupid is that whole encapsulation business I did a while ago. To the point that I almost want to take down the post.

I did it because I was so worried about postpartum depression, and I was so worried about everything else, and people swore by it. And, basically. it was a fucking essential oil scam. I still got PPD. Who knows if it helped my milk come in or not? Fact is, I thought it was working, so it made me feel better, but I don’t know if it did or not. Anyway two studies I found, one in the British Medical Journal was like “everything that’s out there is subjective, and we don’t actually know why animals do it, so we are saying don’t do it”, and one from Northwestern University said “It’s just a fad, it does nothing, don’t do it.”

So. For anyone who thought I was smart and that they should do this because it helped them. Don’t do it. Find another placebo. Don’t be judged by your family and friends. Just take care of yourself.

I’m going to go sit in a corner and get a hug. I hate that I fell for all this stuff.

That being said–I know other people say it works for them, but seriously, what if it is all just placebo? I wonder if these other women still had side effects. I don’t know if they can ever actually study it, to get a volunteer group that would be applicable. I need more science and facts! No more hocus pocus, mumbo jumbo! I SAID NO MORE.



5 thoughts on “What all have I been wrong about?

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    1. melissaraetaylor

      I’m only down on myself for the “I told you so” factor, and the embarrassment I felt when talking to others. But I guess a real test would be what happens next time. Like, with what I know vs. how I act with baby number 2?

  2. Katie

    Ah! It’s like you read my brain over GMO’s and “cage free” and “natural”….I was so NON-GMO back when I had more money (when Wil was working and not in school and we weren’t living 5 peeps on a teacher’s salary)….then I got poor again (and still am) and can’t afford it! What I found….better food (and I’m eating healthier and better prices at my local farm….and I was supporting my local economy and it made me feel better all around! *that’s my newest thing…supporting small business

    To the pills….I read an article about that a few months ago…I was going to forward it to you but….you seemed content in what you knew and I didn’t want to you to second guess it and if it made you feel better after taking one to help cope with all the fucking “joys” of parenthood….well great…do what you have to do to survive! I was there doing it alone when Wil was traveling all the time and I’m back at it alone with 3 this time while Wil is traveling for work again!

    1. melissaraetaylor

      That’s our plan is basically farmers market and local butchers. I don’t mind doing that (even if they aren’t organic), because I’d rather support the local economy and help out my community and see my tax dollars in use, as opposed to helping out “the man”–I still have some fight left me.

      Thank god you didn’t send me that article! I might have snapped on you 🙂 Sorry Wil is traveling all the time again. Hope you get some relaxation in your future!

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