Send help. Too smart for us.

Is this a safe place?

For exactly 12 hours I have debated posting because I don’t want to post to Facebook and have people internalize “My kid isn’t doing that, is there something wrong with my kid? What am I doing wrong?” OR THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE, “Your kid isn’t that smart, so don’t brag.”

So I think this is a safe place? right? I mean, I’ve talked about placentas…so, we’re cool, right?

Anna is being placed in the 2 year old classroom at her daycare!!! (I know this does not seem like a big deal, but trust us it is).  A few weeks ago the teachers told me how smart they think she is (duh). I asked if they ever move kids up if they started to show signs of being more advanced than their classmates? The teacher responded with “Oh, no, we typically always keep them in their class room, we teach them so much, they are constantly working.” And I was all “yes, yes, this makes sense”. Yesterday, they mentioned an opening in the 2 year old class room, and Anna was showing signs of being too smart for the 1 year old class room and would we mind if she advances to the Buttercups.

Would we mind??!?!? OF COURSE NOT. You, PRETTY MUCH, just told me my kid is a certified genius, can work for NASA, and we should just go ahead and apply for college now.

It’s bittersweet because her Sunflower teachers are AWESOME. She has grown leaps and bounds with them, but, she really is too advanced for that classroom. In the Buttercups she will get to do art all day long! Learn conversation skills, work on potty training (praise!), and all sorts of other stuff. We are really excited for this adventure, but also like, “Oh shit, we have a smart kid-so now we have to be prepared for years of being one step ahead of her.” (Like hiding the WD40 so she doesn’t clean the squeaky doors to sneak out of the house (Hi, Mom!))

In other news, Anna still only communicates with one word and you need an “Anna-interpreter” for translation. Some quips and funny things she does:

  • Tomatos: Tinos, Avocado: Cado, Orange: ro-ro-range, Cheerios: “Ohs”, and Ice: Nice
  •  “Hold you”- when she wants to picked up
  •  “Help you”- when she is eating and needs help putting food on the fork.
  •  Row Row Row while moving her arms like a rower means “sing, Row, Row, Row, your boat.”
  •  Fork, Flag, Truck: “F@*k”
  • Any time after she does something she likes “Again, again?” and then immediately “all done!”, and then “again, again.” She hasn’t quite figured it out yet.
  •  She pretends to sleep. “sssh, nigh-nigh, sshh, and some fake snoring”
  • I love you: “You, you!”
  •  Swimming: Kick, Kick
  •  Have I mentioned that she knows all her “emus”? (animals)? Pretty soon I will have a little Steve Irwin on my hands.
  • Hatteras: Har-res
  • She is the bossy child (apple/tree). When she wants to play with something you are playing with, she comes up to you and says “Share!!”. While, she is correct, we should share our toys/stuff/food/water/(n)ice, I think she’s mixing up share and “give me, I want it.”

And because she doesn’t sit still, here are some shots I tried to grab.


IMG_8252 IMG_8242 IMG_8205 FullSizeRender


One thought on “Send help. Too smart for us.

  1. She’s at such a fun age right now! All of her little personality traits are becoming more obvious, her vocabulary is exploding, and she’s learning new stuff constantly. It’s a fun time to be a parent!

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