Social Media Contests: Rant

Is anyone else as annoyed as I am with the new status quo of social media contests??

Of course, I want to win a stroller, an Ergo, a years supply of diapers, a new wardrobe, whatever, whatever, but I cannot handle the rules of following 10 different vendors/people on 4 different forms of social media. Sure I could follow all these folks, but then I never know when the contest is over and who can I unfollow.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 12.25.05 PM

Listen, I like my social media to be social. My friend’s kids, their rants (whether I agree with them or not), silly pictures, baby elephants, not….

….Stranger’s babies, breast pumps, bottles of milk, diaper bags, sleep sacks, or people I don’t care about!

What happened to the good old days of submit your information and you’re done. I know you can still do that, but CAN YOU? Having worked for someone who use to rig the winners, I side eye because who would pick the person with one entry instead of the person who entered 10 times?

Look. I want to win in the easiest way possible without doing a lot of work. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?


Let’s Try.

Remember summer of 2013 when I said “we aren’t not trying, but we aren’t being careful”? (so basically we WERE trying, but if you word it that way you’re not, does that make sense? I didn’t think so.)

Well, now we are trying. Looking at calendars, checking temperatures, checking fluids (vomit), and crossing fingers and toes. Timing wise, it works out. Let’s hope nature agrees with us. To be honest, I’d be okay if nature didn’t agree with us quite as quickly as she did last time, but I’m not in control of this situation.

I guess, technically I am in control, but with a 20% chance every month, after age 30 your chances decrease, secondary infertility, and blah blah blah. All that stuff factored together made us say “let’s risk it this month because we don’t know how many chances we have”.

Now I start the daily habit of taking prenatal vitamins and I will drink my last glass of wine, cheers. Sigh. Good bye wine, beer, and champagne.

Goodbye, life.
Ha! Who am I kidding. I don’t have a life. 

Also that sound you just heard? My parents and Phil’s parents shouting with excitement for another baby. I think the entire East coast is deaf now.

New Adventure

After many months of debating, Phil and I have both decided to pull the trigger on a new chapter…
I am not pregnant. (Surprise!!)

But, I am in love with pregnancy and birth. Starting now, I will begin new journey as a doula in training. Since my pregnancy, I have found this to be such a necessary part of the birth process. A doula is your advocate.

In the past few months I’ve had many pregnant women come to me with questions, come to me for advice, and I have found this is my calling. (Trust me, I laugh at the irony of this as well).

It really came to light this past spring when my friend went into labor. She was scared. Even though her partner was there for her and was a great support system, she still felt that her and her birth team weren’t on the same page. I helped and offered her advice remotely, to get her back on track to the birth that she wanted. In that moment of helping her, I understood everything. I understood why I needed to do this, and why I wanted to do this. It’s a lot of work, but I know that I will be great at this.

I asked Phil what qualities I had that would make me a good doula and his response was “You’re smart, hardworking, empathetic and dedicated.”

Interested in my new career? Check out my new website. You might find repetitive information, but hey–why recreate the wheel? 🙂

Note to Anna

I just watched Jon Stewart’s last episode of The Daily Show (I’m sure there will be college courses on this when you grow up, it changed a generation).

He thanked his kids, and I wanted to thank you.

Thank you for joining our family. Getting you out of bed in the morning, seeing your big smile, watching you learn new words or phrases (“Hey-swee-booooyyyy”) makes everyday better. Your laughter is infectious and your silliness keeps us going. You are my ladybug. You are my munchkin butt. You are my sun, moon, and stars. You are truly the greatest part of our life.

Thank you for reminding me of unabashed silliness, and the simple art of coloring, and for snuggles, and hugs, and kisses.

But most of all, thank you for showing me true joy. I love you.


I’m trying to get serious with this blog, so I apologize for the frequent changes!

Rest assured I am all finished. Love the new layout? (Because I do!)

Take a look around. I finally updated my baby bump picture page and I added a reading list page for parents to be!


Birth Plans Part Two

Bear with me as I figure out the purpose for this blog.

Is it to update you on the Taylor’s? Is it to talk about pregnancy? Is it to show hobbies? I DO NOT KNOW. But what I do know is that I have three readers (out of IDK, 10), who are currently expecting their first child.

Hi! Thanks for sticking around, you are on an exciting adventure!! First and foremost, I love talking about birth and pregnancy. If there was ever a calling, this one is mine. I am open to hearing and listening and being your friend (most important!!).

When I was pregnant, I mentioned developing a birth plan. We should re-look at what I wrote. I think, as a first time pregnant lady, it was a great plan. But as life happens, things change, and I think if I were to have a baby again, I would tweak mine.

Mostly, I would change it because it comes across as I know what is best in these situations. Am I a medical professional? No. Does the doctor, or midwife probably have more medical knowledge than me? Yes.

So, before you write your birth plan do two things: first read Natural Hospital Birth  , to learn what this actually means. Does it mean no medicine? Some medicine? What does natural birth mean to you! (And it’s TOTALLY okay if you want the epidural!!)

And two, talk to your caretaker! Ask them what their preference is for what to do when your water breaks? Ask them when they think you need to go to the hospital. Ask them about what they do if your water has broken and you don’t have a fever. (these are just examples, there are a million other questions).Ask! Ask! Ask! I am pro communication. 100% over communication is the best.

Once you’ve talked to your doctor about all your possible questions, then write your birth plan. Your birth plan may be in line with your caretaker’s thinking, and everyone will be on the same team.

So, what’s a good birth plan? Sure you can google them. You can even use the one I wrote before, but they all come across..negatively. So I encourage you to a) Read the book and b) develop a positive birth plan. Start with something encouraging like this:

“Dear Birth Team: Please help me achieve the most natural birth possible. I’m so grateful for everyone who is helping us on this special day.”

As the author states, this plan respects the expertise of the birth team. The author also recommends the writing a sentence or two about each of the following areas:

1. Beginning labor naturally, even if your pass your due date and even if your water breaks before contractions.
2. Delaying the offer of pain medication unless you ask for it.
3. Holding your baby immediately after birth.

Also, it is important that you share your birth plan with everyone involved in your birth. This includes your

  • Doctor or Midwife
  • Partner
  • Doula
  • A good friend who is supportive of your birth choices
  • Relatives

Happy Birth Plan writing!! xoxo

Finally getting around to developing a hobby.

Christmas 2013 I received the DSLR Camera I had been lusting after.

Fast forward two years and I’m finally figuring out how to use it. I have picked it up here and there saying “This time I will learn!” but I end up overwhelmed by the number of websites, youtube videos, and instruction manuals out there. It is REALLY intimidating to start, so end up I putting the camera away and forgetting it exists.

I am not becoming a professional photographer, nor am I trying to be that mom that’s like now that I have a camera, I’ll purchase Photoshop and have all the Pinterest photos I want. I  just want to learn how to use it because it is a skill that will come in handy throughout life.

I’ve heard the real trick to digital photography is in the editing. I’m still working on the basics of how to use the camera. So lighting, framing, etc..that will all have to wait. But here are some shots from this weekend. Let me know what you think!

Getting ready before school.
This is an alligator at the brewery we visited today.
She’s finally becoming my blonde baby!
We made Play-doh today.
Her fish face.
Little stinker.