Finally getting around to developing a hobby.

Christmas 2013 I received the DSLR Camera I had been lusting after.

Fast forward two years and I’m finally figuring out how to use it. I have picked it up here and there saying “This time I will learn!” but I end up overwhelmed by the number of websites, youtube videos, and instruction manuals out there. It is REALLY intimidating to start, so end up I putting the camera away and forgetting it exists.

I am not becoming a professional photographer, nor am I trying to be that mom that’s like now that I have a camera, I’ll purchase Photoshop and have all the Pinterest photos I want. I  just want to learn how to use it because it is a skill that will come in handy throughout life.

I’ve heard the real trick to digital photography is in the editing. I’m still working on the basics of how to use the camera. So lighting, framing, etc..that will all have to wait. But here are some shots from this weekend. Let me know what you think!

Getting ready before school.
This is an alligator at the brewery we visited today.
She’s finally becoming my blonde baby!
We made Play-doh today.
Her fish face.
Little stinker.



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