Birth Plans Part Two

Bear with me as I figure out the purpose for this blog.

Is it to update you on the Taylor’s? Is it to talk about pregnancy? Is it to show hobbies? I DO NOT KNOW. But what I do know is that I have three readers (out of IDK, 10), who are currently expecting their first child.

Hi! Thanks for sticking around, you are on an exciting adventure!! First and foremost, I love talking about birth and pregnancy. If there was ever a calling, this one is mine. I am open to hearing and listening and being your friend (most important!!).

When I was pregnant, I mentioned developing a birth plan. We should re-look at what I wrote. I think, as a first time pregnant lady, it was a great plan. But as life happens, things change, and I think if I were to have a baby again, I would tweak mine.

Mostly, I would change it because it comes across as I know what is best in these situations. Am I a medical professional? No. Does the doctor, or midwife probably have more medical knowledge than me? Yes.

So, before you write your birth plan do two things: first read Natural Hospital Birth  , to learn what this actually means. Does it mean no medicine? Some medicine? What does natural birth mean to you! (And it’s TOTALLY okay if you want the epidural!!)

And two, talk to your caretaker! Ask them what their preference is for what to do when your water breaks? Ask them when they think you need to go to the hospital. Ask them about what they do if your water has broken and you don’t have a fever. (these are just examples, there are a million other questions).Ask! Ask! Ask! I am pro communication. 100% over communication is the best.

Once you’ve talked to your doctor about all your possible questions, then write your birth plan. Your birth plan may be in line with your caretaker’s thinking, and everyone will be on the same team.

So, what’s a good birth plan? Sure you can google them. You can even use the one I wrote before, but they all come across..negatively. So I encourage you to a) Read the book and b) develop a positive birth plan. Start with something encouraging like this:

“Dear Birth Team: Please help me achieve the most natural birth possible. I’m so grateful for everyone who is helping us on this special day.”

As the author states, this plan respects the expertise of the birth team. The author also recommends the writing a sentence or two about each of the following areas:

1. Beginning labor naturally, even if your pass your due date and even if your water breaks before contractions.
2. Delaying the offer of pain medication unless you ask for it.
3. Holding your baby immediately after birth.

Also, it is important that you share your birth plan with everyone involved in your birth. This includes your

  • Doctor or Midwife
  • Partner
  • Doula
  • A good friend who is supportive of your birth choices
  • Relatives

Happy Birth Plan writing!! xoxo


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