New Adventure

After many months of debating, Phil and I have both decided to pull the trigger on a new chapter…
I am not pregnant. (Surprise!!)

But, I am in love with pregnancy and birth. Starting now, I will begin new journey as a doula in training. Since my pregnancy, I have found this to be such a necessary part of the birth process. A doula is your advocate.

In the past few months I’ve had many pregnant women come to me with questions, come to me for advice, and I have found this is my calling. (Trust me, I laugh at the irony of this as well).

It really came to light this past spring when my friend went into labor. She was scared. Even though her partner was there for her and was a great support system, she still felt that her and her birth team weren’t on the same page. I helped and offered her advice remotely, to get her back on track to the birth that she wanted. In that moment of helping her, I understood everything. I understood why I needed to do this, and why I wanted to do this. It’s a lot of work, but I know that I will be great at this.

I asked Phil what qualities I had that would make me a good doula and his response was “You’re smart, hardworking, empathetic and dedicated.”

Interested in my new career? Check out my new website. You might find repetitive information, but hey–why recreate the wheel? 🙂


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