Social Media Contests: Rant

Is anyone else as annoyed as I am with the new status quo of social media contests??

Of course, I want to win a stroller, an Ergo, a years supply of diapers, a new wardrobe, whatever, whatever, but I cannot handle the rules of following 10 different vendors/people on 4 different forms of social media. Sure I could follow all these folks, but then I never know when the contest is over and who can I unfollow.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 12.25.05 PM

Listen, I like my social media to be social. My friend’s kids, their rants (whether I agree with them or not), silly pictures, baby elephants, not….

….Stranger’s babies, breast pumps, bottles of milk, diaper bags, sleep sacks, or people I don’t care about!

What happened to the good old days of submit your information and you’re done. I know you can still do that, but CAN YOU? Having worked for someone who use to rig the winners, I side eye because who would pick the person with one entry instead of the person who entered 10 times?

Look. I want to win in the easiest way possible without doing a lot of work. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?


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