Those eyes though.

Since she was exactly 36 minutes old, all we have ever heard about Anna is “Her eyes are so blue!”, “Look at those eyes!”, “Oh, those eyes”. Yes, they are in fact gorgeous eyeballs.


Except, when they are not. Shocking! How? What? When could they ever not be lovely?

Welp, when they have pink eye.


Poor munchkin butt had some virus last week resulting in pink eye this week.

After an emergency pick up from school, we sped (safely) to the doctors. They confirmed pink eye, and prescribed eye drops.

Have you ever given eye drops to a toddler? Who invented eye drops for a toddler? Satan? Is this the devil’s work? If you are ever in this predicament, I am here to help you.

Instead of wrestling your child to the ground, or when a straight jacket is not available, this is how you should administer eyedrops:

  1. Outsource.
  2. If that is not an option, put a drop in the inner corner of their eye. Even with their eye’s closed, the drop will still go enter the eyeball. It’s science. If you need help, here is a video. The :45 second mark is where it’s at.

Good luck! Hope you never have to do this!

PS. Within 30 minutes of the drops Anna was fine. Lil’ stinker.


One thought on “Those eyes though.

  1. Those eye drops are miracle workers. Warren has used them multiple times because he is the Goopy-Eyed mucus king.

    Eye goop overload is so gross, and administering the eye drops is quite the feat.

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