Flashback Post.

Flashback August 20th post. I already wrote this but didn’t want to tell you. READ TO THE BOTTOM

Good Golly. Phil and I are the most fertile couple on the planet. I do not know why we keep falling into this trap of let’s just try, when we should really just pick the month we want the baby to be born in and just work backwards from there.

Anyway, I am certain I conceived on Sunday (8/16). (Through osmosis, naturally).

It’s Thursday (8/20) but, I know the signs of early pregnancy. This isn’t my first rodeo.

Update 5 days later (8/25):

I still have not taken a pregnancy test because it’s still too earlier. But I have been playing the is it morning sickness or a stomach bug game for the past 12 hours. I didn’t have morning sickness with Anna. This is uncharted territory. Please be a bug.

Update 6 days later (8/26):

I took a pregnancy test. It said negative. Whomp, Whomp. We will know for sure though by Sunday.

Update (8/30): 

I took another pregnancy test. Negative as well. I just keep walking around like I’m going to throw up. Is this what morning sickness is like?

Update two weeks later:

Officially not pregnant. Maybe I’ll stop pretending every little movement in my body means I’m pregnant. Welp, I didn’t want to get pregnant last month ANYWAY.



One thought on “Flashback Post.

  1. I recently had “morning sickness” for several days. It was happening enough that I took a pregnancy test. I mean, there’s no way I can be pregnant between breastfeeding and an IUD, but I do live in Utah now and babies grow on trees here so… Negative. Never felt so relieved! haha

    I hope Anna’s sibling starts growing soon! Although, for your sake, I hope it plans its birth in such a way that it won’t make your move to big boy job town too crazy hard!

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