Women, step away from the khaki pants.

I will never give up caring about fashion. It may seem superficial, but it is SO FUN. Okay, sometimes, I throw something together that really is horrible, or hasn’t been ironed, or a million different things, but more often than not I try to look presentable. I try. Lord knows my credit card statement can show you that I try.

So when it came to Disney, I was faced with same amusement park dilemma all women have, “what to wear and not be a victim to the sneakers, khaki pants, and Mickey Mouse shirt that run rampant?” (**I seriously do not understand khaki pants, they are flattering on exactly no one, and unless you work at Best Buy or Target, why do you have them? Flesh tone is not a flattering look for anyone**)

Here’s the thing, there are literally hundreds of shoes that are not basic white new balance tennis/running shoes. HUNDREDS OF THEM, people, invest in those!!

So here is my two point guide to Disney.

  • Keep it casual. I’m not saying get fancy but this is what I wore. Day one I wore jean shorts, a basic tee-shirt, and Toms. Day two: A basic dress that was light weight and breathable for the hottest amusement park in the world. I work my Birkenstock Gizeh (which are the greatest walking shoes ever. I need five more pairs).

FullSizeRender (2) IMG_8692IMG_0333

  • Wear shoes that are comfortable but cute. Please don’t wear dress shoes to the park. Also, please don’t wear tennis shoes. I beg you. Leave your ugly tennis shoes for the gym, for running, or for pulling weeds. Buy some nice shoes. Here, I will help you: cute sandals, cute walking shoes, cute shoes. STAY AWAY FROM THE WHITE SHOES.

And that’s it for my advice. Leave the designer clothes at home. A wardrobe of basics is okay!! Staples are necessary. White tees, black tees, shorts with patterns, basic tops! If you take away anything from this it is: leave the white sneakers at home and burn all your khaki pants. This is not a fashion show, it’s just..don’t be that person at Disney.

But hey? Who am I to talk, I went to Disney world and only brought 1 navy shirt, a navy dress, a navy and white stripped hoodie, bathing suit, skirt, dress, and shirt. I can quit whenever I want, I don’t have a problem.



2 thoughts on “Women, step away from the khaki pants.

  1. Katie

    I’m with you on the khaki’s!! I don’t even think I own a pair…wait…I lied! I have a pair of khaki capri’s that I bust out on back to school night! But I draw the line at your assault on tennis shoes!! I own tons of pairs of crisp, clean, well kept tennis shoes….granted I’m a PE teacher so it comes with the territory….but I can sport some shoes and look amazing doing so! Your wimpy little “cute shoes” do nothing to accentuate my muscle tone in my calves and quads. Lucky for you, I still love you!! 😘

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