Vanity Post #2 for the week.

Make up: A constant struggle between looking natural and avoiding the “who is this zombie woman? Where is the skin of my twenties? What are these pot holes/pores on my face?”

I use to laugh because people would tell me it looked like I never wore make up, and haha false. My daily, DAILY, routine included:

Foundation/BB Cream
Eyeshadow Primer
Three shades of eyeshadow
Maybe a cat eye?
Brow Stuff (Pencil or gel)
Lip gloss/stick/liner

It probably took me 8 minutes to do it all, but it was annoying and time consuming and sooo much stuff to do and keep track of. It is no wonder I forgot to put deodorant on half the time.

A Twitter friend recently mentioned she will stop wearing so much make up. She noticed women around her did not wear nearly as much as her (mmhmm, me too, tell me more), her sister in law worked for beauty magazines and they TOO never wore that much (I see, you bring up a good point here). And most of all, she didn’t want to teach her daughter that she needed to wear make up.

And then the record screeched and I woke up.

Granted, I was raised in a “you can’t wear make up until your 16” house. But being a model at a young age granted me access to make up much sooner than 16. And my girlfriends all wore make up. I specifically remember being envious of my girlfriends in high school for having department store make up, or cute make up bags, or all of the make up, and me having like..powder. I actually think my mother did an amazing job of not teaching me to wear so much make up and she never made snide comments like “you should put your face on”. That was always my inner monolouge. I always felt that if I didn’t have make up on, I just wasn’t put together. Maybe my snobby college did to me. Who knows.

But–it did make me see that Anna watches me put on makeup. And I don’t want her to ever think that she needs to do that. She’s perfect. She should never feel like just being her isn’t her best. And she should never feel jealous of not having make up, because she doesn’t need it.

Anyway, since my friend’s comment I’ve been rethinking my make up routine, and it’s much less, much more practical, and FEELS SO MUCH BETTER.

Moisturizer (The only way to keep your skin young)
Concealer (This is the best stuff I have found, HANDS TO GOD)
Brow Stuff (Being a blond means I have to physically draw on my eyebrows)
Blush (Too pale to not add this)


Don’t get me wrong. I still love make up. I dream of one of those fancy vanities with brushes and a million different make up cases everywhere. But then in my KonMori-ness of late, it’s just stuff that I don’t need that takes up space.

I’m pretty happy with my routine these days and the mornings are so much easier. Any make up routines you can’t live without?


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