HAHAHA. Word is out. Tricked you guys ūüôā

October 21.

How Far Along: 3 weeks and 3 days.
Size of Baby: A grain of fleur de sel (salt that is on caramel, so guess what I am making tonight)
Total Weight Gain: Zero. Because I like literally found out I was pregnant today.
Symptoms:¬†Nausea last night, which is why I tested, because that’s just a weird symptom. I hope it was a one time deal.
Eats: Surprisingly, I want nothing to eat. And the idea of potatoes I find revolting.
Best moment of the week: Lounging on the couch watching documentaries.
What I’m looking forward to: Tonight. I get to tell Phil. Video soon!
Milestones: The baby has implanted. and there is a little bulge in the center of the zygote, that will soon develop into a heart. So I have a heartless baby. Weird.

October 23.

So far, still pregnant. There are a few symptoms that are much stronger than last time.

  1. My hormonal rage. Hello! We missed you so much. Please come back, never. It takes ZERO things to set me off now. I don’t remember if this goes away? Does it? Why is it intensified this round?
  2. Peeing. Guess how many times I peed last night? If you guessed 4, you are wrong. It was 6.
  3. Insomnia. Was this a thing? I don’t remember! I remember it in my third trimester but not at all in the first. Make it go away. I’m going to start taking Unisom.


October 28.

Ravenous. There is not enough food for me to eat. I am hungry all day long. I just finished lunch and can’t stop thinking about what to eat next. I ate pizza at 10 pm last night.

Good thing I started running again?

**Side note. Unisom works. Praise the lord.**

November 2.

I’m going to die. Remind me why I wanted to get pregnant again? I spent all day yesterday within arms reach of a toilet. I had a headache that lasted all day. Every time I took Tylenol..I ended up at the toilet. ¬†This is…not going well.


November 6

How Far Along: 6 weeks? According to the app. We will see by the end of this month according to a sonogram.
Size of Baby: Chocolate Chip.
Total Weight Gain: One pound. Is this normal? Am I on track?
Symptoms:¬†Can’t sleep. Ever. Started taking Unisom. It helps. Every other day I have nausea. It’s…it’s…terrible.
Eats:¬†Nah. Still just…living life.
Best moment of the week:¬†“This is an emergency: Do I want a meatball sub or a Philly steak?”- Me “Treat yaself. Get both, eat half, and save the rest for tomorrow.”- Phil (God he knows his way to a pregnant girls heart).
What I‚Äôm looking forward to:¬†My Doctor’s appointment on Monday. Am I really pregnant? Is there just one? Is this a normal, low-risk pregnancy.
Milestones: Lungs are forming, little facial buds are sprouting, liver traits, arm buds, and ears are starting to form. But seriously, look at a picture of a 6 week embryo. It looks like a mutant dinosaur.


November 10th

Had what I thought was my first doctors appointment yesterday, but it was only to update my medical records? I didn’t pee in a cup and no lab results were drawn. So…am I pregnant? I’m also starting to worry because I am only 6 weeks pregnant, but everyone said they started to show at 8 weeks and I am nowhere near showing. Am I pregnant? WORK WITH ME UNIVERSE.

Nov 12th

How Far Along: 7 weeks, supposedly.
Size of Baby: Berlingot Candy (or for anyone who has no clue what that is, the size of a raspberry).
Total Weight Gain: One pound. Still no belly pop.
Symptoms: The nausea. And also motivation is lacking. Like A LOT.
Eats: I do not like coffee anymore.  And I have to eat at about 9:00 pm every night. And I have to eat something substantial. So. We shall see about this weight gain thing.
Best moment of the week: Visited my family and they got to be super excited while I was mopey and wanted to die.
What I‚Äôm looking forward to:¬†My Doctor’s appointment NEXT Tuesday. Looking over the paperwork, they don’t do heart beat or ultrasound until 10/12 weeks, but I am just going to flat out ask because a) I’m being more quiet about this than last time due to the fact that once we hear the heartbeat everything should be fine, and I just want to publish this.
Milestones:¬†Baby Tino is no longer a blastocyst, it’s now an embryo! Tino now has a digestive system, and an umbilical cord, and some lungs?

File_000 (1)

Nov 19th (H 34th BD to me)

How Far Along: 8 weeks, supposedly.
Size of Baby: Denise Seahorse (so cute)
Total Weight Gain: One pound. Still no belly pop, or bloat, or anything. So maybe my pregnancies are just haha you gain no weight and then BOOM, ALL OF THE WEIGHT.
Symptoms:¬†Aversion to smell. It’s pretty intense. As someone who normally couldn’t smell most things, this is terrible.
Eats:¬†Give me all of the grapefruit. ALL OF IT. Send me Harry and David’s grapefruit of the month club if you have to.
Best moment of the week: Finished my Doula training.
What I‚Äôm looking forward to:¬†Thanksgiving? I’ll be honest, I’m side eying the practice I am at. I saw a NP this week and I didn’t get a good vibe from her. I won’t have to see her again, but I can’t get a sonogram until 13 weeks? I might be visiting planned parenthood. I just need to know this is a viable pregnancy, ya know?
Milestones:¬†We’ve got eyes! and a placenta. Which means my hormones should level out. (Phil thanks you, placenta).


Dec 30th

How Far Along: 9 weeks, supposedly.
Size of Baby: Eastern tailed-blue butterfly.
Total Weight Gain: One pound. and HAHAHA TO NO BELLY POP. Literally the day after I wrote¬†the previous update, I popped that night. It’s only really noticeable at night, butttt it’s definitely a baby.
Symptoms: Just sleep. Missing it. Wanting it. Needing it.
Eats: Still grapefruit. Salivating thinking about it.
Best moment of the week: Well, because my hospital is a PIECE OF WORK, I bought a fetal doppler monitor from one of the many Facebook Buy, Sell, Trade groups I belong to. $10 well spent. We tried to listen to it last week when I was still 8ish weeks and found nothing. Yesterday, Phil (ON HIS OWN), came over and set it up to listen. And we heard it. And we only heard one! So, that was pretty exciting (and nerve calming).
What I‚Äôm looking forward to:¬†Well, I’m still getting a sonogram. Just not from my hospital. I have my preliminary appointment today (to see if I am pregnant, which I kind of feel we could side step this whole thing, but whatever).
Milestones:¬†Ears are forming! It’s actually starting to take the shape of a baby instead of a weird smushed gummy bear.



Doula Training

I did it! I completed my first weekend of doula training and it was…a lot of things.

It was awesome all the way around. I learned a few new things, but I’ve been studying this stuff for months so it was also an excellent refresher. And super helpful in how to apply this knowledge.

The most important job a Doula has is to listen and provide support. If a mother wants to have a birth in a hospital, FINE. If she wants to formula feed, FINE. We are here to encourage the best decisions but at the end of the day it’s the job of the parents to help out.

I think the biggest take away was it is going to be a long hard road to change the mentality of some people. Doula’s are seen as part of the hippy culture, and I in fact witnessed many statements this weekend that made me wince. Above all, we are not here to judge.

Assisting a woman’s birth does not require my opinions. If they are asked, then I will provide, but I will not push them (unless they are vaccine related). I’m super excited to start, so send me your pregnant friends.


Annual CordBlood Reminder

Hey, you, pregnant lady.

Do NOT store your child’s cordblood (I mean, you do you, but may I suggest something?)

Consider donating your cord blood. If you choose not to store it, it just becomes waste. But if you choose to donate it, you can save lives! Advance medical research! Do all that stuff that is super important to society!

I wrote about this two years ago, but thought I should remind you about it.

You have two options: Life Force or LifeBankUSA.

We did this with Anna and it was incredibly easy. We just informed the Doctor and she knew what to do. About 20 minutes later a courier service came, picked it up, and I never saw it again.

So simple. Why wouldn’t you do it?

If you have questions, let me know. I’m more than happy to discuss it!

Caffeine for the Pregnant Ladies

Any coffee drinkers?FullSizeRender (7)

Hello and welcome to coffee and your pregnancy.

It took me 32 years to acquire a taste for coffee. It took me another year¬†to require coffee daily, and as I near 34 in the next few weeks, I wonder–will I be able to survive the next pregnancy?

The answer is yes, because I drink coffee like an 8 year old. All milk and I only drink half of¬†the cup. And also because, breaking news, you don’t have to cut out coffee. It has been well studied that too much caffeine can lead to miscarriages and other problems, but also, just be smart. Drink your one cup a day and you will be fine.

Have fun! Pregnancy is great isn’t it?

However, I¬†did find this article, the Pregnant Woman’s Guide to Starbucks, and thought some of you coffee drinkers might enjoy it.

Highlights include:

  • Opt for a decaf Pike Place in a Venti-only 30 mg of caffeine! (That’s a joke, right?)
  • If you do order regular coffee, only order the short. That’s your 8 oz maximum. (I actually order a short in a tall cup because I need ALL OF THE MILK with my coffee and it does the job quite well).
  • Are you a latte, cappuccino, macchiato, or a flat white drinker? You are in luck! You can have short, tall, grande, and tall and still come in under the 200 mg limit!

How have you been handling lack of caffeine? I hope well! It’s not the end of the world. And in a few months you get a baby–silver lining?

Anna Height

This was on a Pinterest suggestion board today and I thought it was cute.


It’s from¬†¬†I’m not putting all my faith into it via it’s from the internet, but it is interesting to guesstimate how tall Anna will be. According to this she will be a little over 70 inches. Meaning, she will be the same height as me. Not shocking. There is an error rate of 10% so, maybe she will be taller?

Any volleyball/basketball scholarships we can apply for yet?