Doula Training

I did it! I completed my first weekend of doula training and it was…a lot of things.

It was awesome all the way around. I learned a few new things, but I’ve been studying this stuff for months so it was also an excellent refresher. And super helpful in how to apply this knowledge.

The most important job a Doula has is to listen and provide support. If a mother wants to have a birth in a hospital, FINE. If she wants to formula feed, FINE. We are here to encourage the best decisions but at the end of the day it’s the job of the parents to help out.

I think the biggest take away was it is going to be a long hard road to change the mentality of some people. Doula’s are seen as part of the hippy culture, and I in fact witnessed many statements this weekend that made me wince. Above all, we are not here to judge.

Assisting a woman’s birth does not require my opinions. If they are asked, then I will provide, but I will not push them (unless they are vaccine related). I’m super excited to start, so send me your pregnant friends.



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