Ten Weeks!

Hey guys! It’s Baby Tino. A real live adorable, little, munchkin face. (And ONLY ONE BABY).


I feel as though I climbed mountains to get that sonogram. Technically I have another one in about four weeks, but I am SO glad to have overcome mountains (literal mountains which included having some strangers pray for the miracle that was growing in my body).

I had the sonogram on Tuesday (12/2) and as of Tuesday, the baby was showing to be 10 weeks 1 day. So, since that’s CLOSE enough, I’ll just keep on track with my current progress.

(Also, in your face Doctors for not giving me one. According to your charts I am 9 weeks and 3 days, but SIZE matters).

How Far Along: 10 weeks
Size of Baby: Switching back to Parisian bakery this week and the baby is a the size of a petit four. (so cute and tiny!)
Total Weight Gain: I think our scale is broken. I stepped on it yesterday and it said I was 105 (at the last doctors office I was 134, so our scale is definitely broken, Christmas gift anyone?). I’ll guess two pounds.
Symptoms: We have reached pivotal hormones. I repeat. Peak hormones. Seek shelter. Find comfort in your loved ones.
Eats: Nothing particular, just need to eat. Like. All the time. Immediately upon waking up, right before bed, and all other hours of the day.
Best moment of the week: Sonogram. It’s just ONE BABY.
What I’m looking forward to: We are going to Disney to see the Christmas lights this weekend. I’m squeezing as much Disney in as we can.
Milestones: Finally looks like a baby on all the apps, and not a dinosaur. Teeth are growing, it’s fully dedicated to the placenta, and shim is doing backflips in there!



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